Guust: Het Contract Flater – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Comedy
Written by: Franquin
Illustrations: Franquin
Coloring: Franquin, Frédéric Jannin
Publisher: Dupuis

Guust: Het Contract Flater – Comic Book Review

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Guust Flater, the lazy office help of publishing house Dupuis is back to present you with his latest album. These are not new gags though, but a compilation of gags that all revolve around one character that shows up every now and then in the series: Mr. De Mesmaeker. His bad temper and Guust’s clumsiness certainly make some interesting clashes.


When it comes to a storyline, there is only one consistency throughout the entire album, namely the contracts of Mr. De Mesmaeker. He is a business man who often comes to the editorial offices of publishing house Dupuis. Every time, he tries to get his contracts signed, but time after time something goes wrong, causing him to storm out of the building after flying into a rage. Something goes wrong every time we said, but truth be told, that something always concerns Guust, the clumsy office help. Guust always tries to do his best, and his laziness causes him to invent all sorts of things that should make life easier. Nonetheless, he never seems to think them through and thus it is bound to go wrong. His superiors Kwabbernoot and Pruimpit do everything they can to keep Guust out of the building, or locked up somewhere when Mr. De Mesmaeker is in, in the hopes to finally get the contracts signed, but luck is just not on their side.

This compilation of gags revolves around one character that used to show up in the original Guust Flater comic books., Mr. De Mesmaeker. He is presented as a typical businessman who is always trying to earn more money and get more contracts signed. This is exaggerated a lot to provide funny jokes. While the idea of bundling the gags surrounding Mr. De Mesmaeker is quite fun, it became a bulky album, counting sixty-three pages, which might be a bit too many gags. Although they keep having an original outcome, the idea in every gag is the same: De Mesmaeker comes into the office and something goes wrong before the contracts are signed. This way the album is bound to become tedious after a while. On the other hand, if you decide to only read a few gags at a time and not, like we did, the whole album at once, you will probably enjoy the last gags just as much as the first ones.

The illustrations are still in Franquin’s typical style. They look a bit messy and characteristic, which fits this comic book series greatly.


Guust Het Contract Flater is a compilation of the Guust Flater gags that concern Mr. De Mesmaeker. They will definitely be able to amuse you, certainly if you were already a fan of the series. You will get a lot of gags, but as the subject is always the same, it might be better not to read this one all at once. Other than that, have fun!

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Guust: Het Contract Flater - Comic Book Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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