Gym Tycoon – Preview
Follow Genre: Simulation
Developer: Green Forest Games
Publisher: Green Forest Games
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Gym Tycoon – Preview

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Building and managing cities, parks, zoos in ‘Tycoon’ games have always been fun to play. Green Forest Games, a new Indie developer, has now released Gym Tycoon in Early Access where you are going to build your own gym to earn money, win contests and offer a good fitness experience to your clients. Gym Tycoon definitely is in its early stages of development, but still, we got the chance to take a look at it in its current form.

Whiles in games like Rollercoaster Tycoon or Zoo Tycoon where you build your own park or zoo, in Gym Tycoon, you build and manage your own gym. At this point, the game is far from complete and it feels like it’s too soon for the game to be in Early Access as well. Gym Tycoon doesn’t offer any story content at the moment, and the building options are minimal as well.  The only construction items you can build are walls, a door, an entrance and a window. As for furniture, there are only seven items available to build, comprised of four training devices, a lamp, a toilet and a shower. With each item that you build, your daily expenses of heating and electricity rise. Luckily, as you progress in in-game time, more and more people will apply for a membership at your gym, which means more money. Customization of walls, furniture and other things isn’t available as well.

The developers have started by implementing an event system where your gym members can participate in events to win prizes for your gym. A few weeks before the event, you can sign up one of your gym members to take part in the event. Choosing the one with the highest stats will result in the best chance of winning the event. On the event page, you can see which stats are required for a good chance of winning, so you can easily check and pick the member with the highest stats. On the day of the event, you will get a notice that your chosen member has taken part in the event, and after the day has come to an end, you’ll get a message with the results. Sadly, these events offer nothing more than just two pop-up messages.

As you progress in the game (which is not that much at the moment), your gym’s level will be upgraded as you increase the amount of training equipment and the number of subscriptions to your gym. At the second gym level, you unlock the fourth training device, a shower and a toilet. When you reach the next level, you will acquire three new items that are hidden by the text “coming soon” showing that you’ve already cleared the game as far as development goes. This is done in roughly less than half an hour, which leaves you with nothing else to do other than continue playing with no further goals or save your progress and quit the game.

The animations in the game aren’t fully worked out as well. The animations of your members training on the equipment in your gym look fine, but after having unlocked the toilet and shower furniture, you’ll notice that the animations for these two things aren’t finished yet. Everyone will sit on the toilet fully clothed, and when using the shower, people will just stand still in front of the shower fully clothed as well.


Sadly, the above is everything we can momentarily tell you about Gym Tycoon. With reaching level three, it’s clear there’s not more to do at this point than just passing days and earning money from your gym members. It’s quite clear that this game is in the earliest stages of development and it will take quite a while for the game to really offer a truly good gaming experience. The game does have some potential and if worked out well, it can turn into quite a fun game, but at the moment, you’re better off buying another game, if you’re looking for a more ‘complete’ gaming experience.

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Gym Tycoon - Preview, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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