Hammer of the Gods – Movie Review
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Director: Farren Blackburn
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Hammer of the Gods – Movie Review

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When button mashing and defeating our foes on television tends to become tiresome or we just need a break from our everyday life. One of the most welcome distractions can be a good movie. From now on we’ll try to occasionally present you with a recent movie, be it a blockbuster or one you’ve never heard of.


This week I’ve had the chance to watch a movie called ‘Hammer of the Gods’, a movie that gives a little insight in the hierarchy of a ‘Viking tribe’ around 871ad in Great-Britain. Being confronted with several issues, like having to worry about the Saxons in the region invading their land. When the king is wounded in battle an appropriate heir needs to be found. When there is more than one sibling, finding an heir is not an easy task.

Steinar, the protagonist in this story, who originally volunteers to become the next heir of the throne, gets the task to find the next king. This task means he has to find his brother Hakan, a man known for his ferociousness and who has been banished from the ‘kingdom’. Steinar decides to embark on this journey but for this he will have to learn the whereabouts of his long lost brother and this proves to be not an easy task. For this they will need the help of one who used to fight by Hakan’s side.

In the meanwhile yet another sibling, Harald seems to have plans of his own..

Lately we are used to movies, especially with a storyline like this, that go from one action scene to another. Hammer of the Gods tries to take a different approach, sadly this happens to be one that does not always succeed. Instead of a constant battle for survival, we get treated to loads of scenes that contain beautiful sceneries as well as a color scheme that contributes to the overall atmosphere of these so called ‘darker times’. Whilst all of this is beautiful, this also feels like ‘filling’ for the movie from time to time and the color scheme sometimes made things a tad too dark to get a clear view of everything. All of this being said, one will wonder why each time when Vikings fight, lighting appears in the skies…

Sometimes the movie will also present you with some useless scenes, and believe me, you will support this being said when you’ve come across the ‘damsel in distress’ scene. A silent ‘what the fuck’ will escape from your lips after seeing it.

That being said, the action scenes were ones of quality, especially when knowing this isn’t a ‘blockbuster’ classed production. The overall quality of camera work does not feel as if you’re watching a movie with a lower budget.

Same can be said about the soundtrack of the movie. Hammer of the Gods has a decent set of music for you to enjoy and uses it at the right times. Whilst dubstep isn’t a typical combination for this kind of movie, it sure feels as if it goes hand in hand with the movie. Certain scenes simply feel that much more ‘pleasant’ with the choice of the music.

The movie doesn’t have a really famous cast, but for those who happen to watch a lot of recent movies and series will see some familiar faces. Hammer of the Gods has 2 actors who are already seasoned Vikings, namely Clive Standen and Ivan Kaye. James Cosmo, a man who appears in Game of Thrones is also added to the cast, as the dying king. A lot of you will not recognize him, but the protagonist Steinar happens to be Charlie Bewley, a man who appears in the Twilight movies.

Acting is once again a mix of both worlds. At certain times Hammer of the Gods will feel like a movie that should be played in theatres around the world, whilst at other times it tends to look more like a B movie. The shoddy acting is not always because of the actors themselves but the sometimes awkward dialogues that tend to feel out of place.


Even though this ‘review’ contains a decent amount of negative comments, Hammer of the Gods does what it’s supposed to do. The movie offers you a chance to relax and see a few plots twists along the way. Whilst this will not be a movie you’ll watch over and over again, it might be ideal to watch on a lazy Sunday evening.

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Rating: 6.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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Hammer of the Gods - Movie Review, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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