Hammerting coming out of Early Access on November 16th

Hammerting coming out of Early Access on November 16th

Team17 and Warpzone Studios have announced their mining management simulator, Hammerting, will launch on Steam, Epic Game Store, and GOG on November 16th. Currently in Early Access, Hammerting follows a community of dwarves as they explore, build, craft, and mine to develop their stronghold.

Throughout its time in Steam Early Access over the past 10 months, Hammerting has received a great number of updates for a solid foundation. Launching today, the Epic Crafting Update, introduces a plethora of new content including armor, lanterns, an overhaul to Mountain Lore, and more.

In Hammerting players will begin with a handful of dwarves as they develop their base to reach unparalleled depths within the mountain range, as they send their bounty to the surface. Throughout the game, they will also be able to build and upgrade a variety of items with a deep leveling system while unlocking different rooms for their colony.

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