Hanako: Honor & Blade gets release date

Hanako: Honor & Blade gets release date

Videogames are a way to express something and when it becomes more than just a medium, it turns into someone’s lifework. When a mother died of cancer, the development team of Hanako took a 14-year long development journey. It took them so long because everybody worked full-time in the industry and made this game in their free time.

Hanako: Honor & Blade is a soulful Samurai multiplayer PVP game during Feudal Japan with up to 24 players. You can choose a nation and play as one of four distinct warriors like a ninja, spearman, archer, and swordsman. Use the best strategy and defeat the other clan in honorable combat.

Key features include:

  • Epic online battles set in Feudal Japan with up to 24 players
  • A symbolic struggle between the forces of life and death
  • Four game modes with unique features, including team deathmatch Battle, Capture the Scroll, Village Siege, and Castle Raid
  • Directional-driven combat that encourages strategy and precision
  • Four distinct warrior classes with different skill options for multiple playstyles
  • Dynamic environment changes

Honor & Blade is set to release on Steam starting September 15th, 2021.

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