Hand of Fate 2 – Now available

Hand of Fate 2 – Now available

The sequel to Hand of Fate is now available; Hand of Fate 2. The game takes place after the events of the first game. Players reunite with the Dealer who’s seeking vengeance after returning from the void. This game mixes Dungeons and Dragons-style trials composed of collectible cards with hack-and-slash combat encounters.

Players play against the Dealer with his deck filled with challenges. The player builds his own deck with item and equipment cards and then tries to overcome the trials from the Dealer. These trials are the Dealer’s deck laid out as a dungeon floor. Trials can include combat encounters with enemies that pop out the cards.

Hand of Fate 2 has been improved a whole lot as opposed to the first game. There are now companion characters that offer help in battle. Other improvements include Tabletop bonuses and side-quests from companions, an overworld map, more tabletop mini-games and plenty more.

“When developing the original Hand of Fate, we set out to create a tabletop game that comes to life. While that project was widely praised and an incredible success for us, we felt there was room for improvement,” said Morgan Jaffit, Director, Defiant Development. “We’ve spent the past two years working to one-up ourselves, and the results have paid off. I’m proud to say this is the best game I’ve ever worked on and am ecstatic it’s finally ready to be shared with the world.”

Hands of Fate 2 is out now for PS4 across North America and Oceania and on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. An Xbox One version with Xbox One X compatibility and the European PS4 release are coming soon. Hands of Fate (the first game) is available on PS4 and Steam.

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