Hasbro Pulse – a gift guide for the young (at heart)

In case you missed giving that Pink Power Ranger to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, we do have a lineup of fun franchises and products Hasbro Pulse provides. The company has a variety of different franchises available, ranging from the beloved teenage morphing Power Rangers and Transformers to more fantasy and sci-fi products such as Star Wars and D&D. To kick off our short guide, we’ll take a look at the budget-friendly Power Rangers collection.



Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger

It’s already been a whopping 30 years since the Power Rangers saw the light, and with it came many toys. If you have already following the Power Rangers since you were a young boy or girl, you will probably remember the iconic toys that were in all the toy shops back then. You might even have a Zord or two lying around, and the actual head-morphing Power Rangers were also found in many households. Now, Hasbro Pulse has dedicated itself to making these toys available again at a very fair and low price. When taking a closer look at the recent Pink Ranger model, she comes with her trustworthy weapons and a coin that shows her Pterodactyl symbol. The build quality is great for the overall low price. There are currently quite a few Power Rangers products available on the official Hasbro Pulse website, from different eras and different price categories.

Dungeons & Dragons Dicelings – Owlbear

With the recent Dungeons & Dragons live-action movie, it seems like the classic tabletop game has reached an all-time high in terms of popularity. We saw many iconic creatures come to life in the film, and this time we didn’t have to use our imagination when playing the game with friends. Of course, like any good fantasy franchise, it comes with quite a few collectible items outside of the lore books and necessary items to play. With a Transformers-like approach, Hasbro Pulse released the Dicelings, which are oversized D20 dice that transform into some of the franchise’s legendary creatures. These toys are ideal to fiddle with, as it’s quite satisfying to transform a dice into an actual creature. It does take a bit of practice to remember every step, but that’s also what makes things fun.

Star Wars The Black Series – Luke Skywalker & Grogu

In a toy store far far away we would see a lot of Star Wars action figures and their matching vehicles. In more recent years, these intergalactic action figures have somewhat faded to the background in regular toy stores and have become something desirable for collectors instead. There is a variety of figures to be found online, but even now, Star Wars’ popularity is at an all-time high thanks to recent shows such as The Mandalorian. If you’re a fan, and you’re looking for a nice centerpiece for your collection at an affordable price, the Luke Skywalker & Grogu combo might be something to check out. Of course, there are so many Star Wars products available for those who’d rather have another character hogging the spotlight.

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