Have a Nice Death is now out on PC and Switch

Have a Nice Death is now out on PC and Switch

Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studio have today announced that Have a Nice Death is finally out of Early Access and fully releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC for $24.99. The game’s full release contains a slew of weapons and spells for players to utilize while getting Death Inc. back in order as they take on the role of Death.

In the game players will hack-n’-slash through hordes of enemies and bosses as they attempt to prevent Death’s unruly underlings from snatching up too many souls. As part of the game’s full launch a haul of new content has also been introduced, including new enemies, bosses and weapons as well as the end of the game’s main storyline.

“All of us at Magic Design Studios are beyond ecstatic for all mortals to finally jump into the full game and join Death Incorporated,” said Simon Dutertre, Lead Game Designer at Magic Design Studios. “Development on Have a Nice Death has been incredible – from our big announcement at the Game Awards to releasing the game in Early Access — the support we’ve received means so much to us. We’d like to especially thank our Early Access players who have given us such valuable feedback – which helped us not only make the hack’n’scythe adventure we wanted, but what roguelike fans wanted as well. Whether you’re new to Have a Nice Death or you’ve been playing it since it launched in Early Access, we hope you enjoy your time in Death Inc.!”


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