Havocado – Preview
Follow Genre: multiplayer physics fighting game
Developer: Webble Games
Publisher: Webble Games
Platforms: PC
Tested on: PC

Havocado – Preview

Good: Fun gameplay, fair graphics, good base game
Bad: No soundtrack, lack of AI mode, not enough players
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A brand new game developer surfaced in Amsterdam; Webble Games. Their mission is simple: they want to create simple, friendly, arcade and fun to play games with a strong focus on online community engagement. Their first title, Havocado, was released in Early Access on Steam just two months ago and is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later. Immediately noticing some strong positive feedback on their first title, we’re very excited to see what this newcomer has to offer!

Havocado doesn’t have a story and it simply doesn’t need one. It’s a silly game you can play with friends to chill a for a little while and have a good laugh. From what you can tell, the developers aren’t planning on adding a story for the full release either, so that’s that.

Remember those games where you battle against others as simple stick figures? Now, put those figures in a 3D art style and you have Havocado. Graphically, it’s a very simplistic game featuring colorful 3D stick-like figures and various basic but bright surroundings. There isn’t a lot to say about the visuals here, they are fun but nothing too special.

There’s a lot more to say about the sound aspect, or more accurate, the lack of it. In-game, there’s a serious lack of background music. The only thing you get to listen to is your character fighting against other players, and this is very basic and boring. We sincerely hope the developers put some more work into the background music since a funny and silly tune could really benefit the gameplay.

Havocado is a silly hyper-speed multiplayer physics fighting game where you have to shoot, punch, drive, and use magic to knock the other players off a platform, into the sea, etc. The game uses physics-based ragdoll combat and is currently available in Early Access on Steam. One could say Havocado has limited content right now, but that’s exactly what the developers want. We’ll explain the game a bit before diving into their reasons behind this!

So far, there are two game modes available. The first one is called ‘infinite levels’ and is a PVP game. Here you play all the different levels (a.k.a. scenarios) in random order and the last player alive wins! Here’s a tip: you can also win a round by finding a secret exit! The second game mode is called ‘head hunters’ and this is also a PVP game. Here, the player who gets five kills first wins. You’ll also be going through various levels. The game also shows a third game mode that is yet to be revealed and is ‘coming soon’.

As of right now, you can either play online against other players or locally against your friends with up to four players. We’re definitely hoping the third game mode is going to be local AI version since we’re missing this one. Mostly because there seems to be a lack of online players at this moment, and it’s just so much more fun playing a game with four players compared to a game with just two players. Getting your friends to buy this game isn’t always an option either, of course. So please, please, please, developers add some AIs!

You get to enjoy over 30 levels. In certain levels, there will be weapons spawning that can help lead you to victory! Some can be picked up, some can be handled, etc. With a variety of over 30 weapons, the necessary help is certainly offered! Besides these weapons, there will also be appearing some vehicles in some scenarios, both drivable and flyable! If you’re lucky, there’s a vehicle for every player. If you’re not, there’s only one vehicle and you better get to it first!

Now, let’s talk about the upcoming changes for this Early Access game. The developers are aiming to create a game with a lot of feedback from the community around it. They want to add new content according to the players’ needs and wishes. More levels, items, weapons, vehicles, and game modes will be added along the way, based on what the players want. We’re thus pretty confident an offline AI mode will be added. The same goes for the online multiplayer experience, which will remain the main focus of this game. So, all in all, we can expect at least double the content the game has now when it will be released, which is pretty exciting! It’s also nice to know that the price tag (which is currently 8 Euros) will not change when releasing the finished game.


After taking a look at Webble Games’ first release and we’re happy to shine a positive light on this studio and its game. Havocado a simple and fun game that will definitely help you take off some steam. The biggest two demerits of this game are the lack of background music and the lack of an AI mode. We’re hoping the number of players will continue to grow. The base game is there, it’s fun, and we’re very excited to see how the final version of this game will turn out!

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Rating: 9.2/10 (18 votes cast)
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Havocado - Preview, 9.2 out of 10 based on 18 ratings
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