Helicopter, Helicopter, Helicopter, GROUND!

Helicopter, Helicopter, Helicopter, GROUND!

There is sadly a surprising lack of games currently on the 360 and PS3 where I can jump into a helicopter and unleash sweet merciful death to everyone in my path, be they buildings or people.

Fewer still are the games where I can hop into a helicopter and not immediately nose dive into the ground upon trying to lift off, with my team mates trying to leap out in vain as the monstrous amalgamation of man and machine spews forth death to everyone in a close radius.

At least that is what happens when I try and play any Battlefield game, maybe this time it will be different.


Thunder Wolves is an upcoming helicopter based game coming to PSN, XBLA, and PC

You’ll take part in ‘Riveting Entertainment!’ as you hop into the seat of one of the Thunder Wolves, and ruin 50 Cents day as you blow up anyone and everything from the seat of one of numerous helicopters. The game is aiming towards an 80’s action movie feel and pairing it together with the play style of arcade helicopter games, sorry simulation fans.

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Craig spends most of his time playing Persona games to a ridiculous degree.

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