Hello Puppets: Midnight Show Demo Out Now!

Hello Puppets!

The Hello Neighbor publisher has announced yet another new horror game from Otherworld Interactive and this time PC players get ready to run! Midnight Show is a standalone PC prequel to the VR hit Hello Puppets! The story is set in the 1980s on the set of a muppets knock-off TV show. Reversing the spell that has been cast here and escaping the Handeem Sound Stage alive will be a child’s play for some or just a living hell for others. The game’s demo is out now as part of Steam Next Fest (16th-22nd of June).

The game has that Frankenstein-charisma but instead of a mad doctor creating a living being by jolting it until it lives, you are a master puppet-maker that brought his creations to life using magic. The puppets don’t seem to be what their master desired them to be, as they appear to be pure evil with some sadistic thoughts planned for those who dare step foot on the sound stage.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Hide and Seek gameplay against an advanced AI that hunts you and forces you to learn its behavior and adapt.
  • Four distinct AI bosses with unique behaviors, personalities, and narratives. You’ll grow to fear and love them at the same time.
  • Large, complex levels full of tools to use against the puppets, hiding spots, and pieces of a larger narrative you’ll have to work to put together.
  • Unique “Hiding” mechanics that force you to stay on your toes by completing high-stakes minigames and challenges.
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