HellSign is available on Steam Early Access

HellSign is available on Steam Early Access

A new hardcore supernatural RPG has been released on Steam as an Early Access game. HellSign blends in-depth location-based investigation and research with thrilling paranormal hunting action, causing the entire experience of stepping into the unknown a tense adventure as the player collects clues to unravel the mysteries of their foe. Haste is of importance here as the creature can take you out long before you even have any idea.

The creatures can range from geists lurking in the shadows to giant toothy door mimics to enormous man-eating spiders. Inspiration for these creatures was gained by a wide range of paranormal monsters found in TV series and survival horror games, ensuring a diverse and fearful range of creatures to research and hunt down across the procedurally generated maps. As a hunter, you’ll need trusty tools, and these can range from shotguns and booby traps to silver nitrate rounds and high-tech gadgets. The only question that remains is, which will you choose, and will you have chosen correctly?

The Early Access launch comes with the first chapter of the story mode, 3 bosses and 13 creatures to hunt down and gameplay feature-complete; good for a total of 10 to 12 hours of gameplay. Obviously, the full game will have more content, namely the entire three chapters of the story mode, more than 12 bosses and 25 creatures to hunt down, more than 3 job locations to investigate and additional enhancements and tweaks to the core gameplay. The full game will have an expected 40 hours of gameplay available.

HellSign is available on Steam (PC) as an Early Access game for a price of $14.99 or its local equivalent.

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