Hero Night: Captain Marvel – Movie Review
Follow Genre: Super hero, Action, Sci-fi
Director: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
Cinema: Kinepolis Enschede
Duration: 124 minutes

Hero Night: Captain Marvel – Movie Review

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Kinepolis has launched a new type of event: Hero night! This very first Hero Night featured Captain Marvel. We visited this event in Kinepolis Enschede. Hero night centers around the newest superhero movie, and adds in some cool extras: every visitor received a drink and popcorn, you could take your picture with a lady dressed up as the classic style Captain Marvel, and there was a ‘Hero Night’-themed lottery before the movie started.

Captain Marvel is the latest Marvel superhero to get her own movie, and wow, what a superhero she is! This movie combines nostalgic stuff from the 90s with an awesome looking futuristic civilization. We went to the cinema without reading too much about the movie, to avoid any prejudices (or spoilers) about the movie. And we really enjoyed it!

The movie starts out with some vague imagery about a post-apocalyptic looking scene, the main character (Brie Larson) looking quite hurt, and a scary looking alien standing in front of her. Then she wakes up, and we find her in a super futuristic looking apartment, working for a bad-ass elite space police squad. Even at the beginning it is clear this woman is special, and powerful. Next to her special powers you’ll see early on, you’ll learn she is strong without her powers as well. Her powers develop during the course of the movie, and you’ll quickly realize she must be one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel universe, even if you don’t know much about the other movies and comics.

Captain Marvel, known for most of the movie as ‘Vers’, starts out with amnesia. She doesn’t know much about her past, but she does have some flashbacks, showing her some events and details about her past, but it seems all very strange to her. Turns out she got these memories on another planet than she is currently living on, and she is about to find out who she is and what actually happened in her past.

The beginning of the movie introduces you to the Kree, a race of warriors, and the elite Starforce squad, fighting against a shape-shifting alien threat called the Skrull. You’ll see Vers going along with her teammates on a mission, which eventually leads her to planet Earth in the 90s. She ends up separated from the rest of the Starforce, but discovers all kinds of clues on Earth which connect to the memories of her past. On Earth she meets a young SHIELD agent called Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), and together they try to fight the imminent Skrull invasion, and at the same time try to uncover details about Vers’ past, since her past seems to be connected to the objectives of the Skrull.

The movie consists of a lot of spectacular action scenes with impressive CGI, but it has a lot of thoughtful and emotional moments as well. Vers finding out about her past and especially about the people who were important to her, was really touching. You can’t overlook the funny parts of the movie as well! A lot of moments were quite hilarious, and had the audience laughing out loud. Of course, as you’d expect there were a lot of funny 90s nostalgia jests, but the interactions between characters was often quite funny as well. Overall, Captain Marvel is a great origins movie, with a good and entertaining storyline, plus, it delivers an interesting plot twist.

Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel, does a great job of depicting a strong woman, and a powerful superhero. Samuel L Jackson who plays a young version of Nick Fury is awesome in this movie. He delivers most of the comic relief, and does this brilliantly. A special mention goes to the cat named Goose (Reggie, Gonzo, Archie & Rizzo), who is super lovable and has a great interaction with the character of Nick Fury. The characters who connect to Vers’ background, played by Lashana Lynch and the young Akira Akbar, were amazing as well, and carried some real emotional scenes. Jude Law was great as the stern leader of Starforce, and Ben Mendelsohn really managed to empathize and give personality to the main antagonist.


Captain Marvel is a great and entertaining origins story, with a lot of nostalgia, funny moments, and spectacular action scenes. The CGI is amazing, just as expected from the newest Marvel movie. The story of Captain Marvel was interesting and fun, and we’ll really be looking forward to see her in the upcoming Avengers movie. Next to that, it was great to see the young Nick Fury as well! We really enjoyed this movie.

The ‘Hero Night’ event was good as well: it was great that the movie got some extra attention with the lady in cosplay walking around, a short introduction at the start of the movie, and the lottery where you could win goodies, posters and tickets. However, it would be nice if there was a bit more themed decoration around the doors of the auditorium where the movie was showing, and the place where the drinks and popcorn was distributed. It would be better to get into the spirit of the superhero movie, and make the event stand out more.

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Hero Night: Captain Marvel - Movie Review, 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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