Heroes of the Storm 2.0 – now live!

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 – now live!

Blizzards free-to-play MOBA game ‘Heroes of the Storm’ has had a huge overhaul, and this new version is now live on the EU servers!

Many things changed in Heroes of the Storm 2.0: leveling your heroes now counts towards your player level, and leveling rewards loot chests. Loot chests can contain heroes, skins, and mounts, and many more rewards you previously needed to buy for real money. Added to the game are fun emoticons, voice lines for heroes, sprays, a customizable announcer voice, and much, much more.

With the new update a new hero and a new battleground have been added to the game, which will both be familiar to Overwatch players: the new hero is the swift, sword-wielding Genji, and beautiful Hanamura is the new battleground.

Both Heroes of the Storm players and Overwatch players will also rejoice at the new Challenge in Heroes of the Storm: The Nexus Challenge 2.0! In this challenge you can obtain skins not only in Heroes of the Storm but also in Overwatch, plus cool new mounts, sprays, and other items in Heroes of the Storm. Anyone who missed the Overwatch Genji Oni skin and Heroes of the Storm Hovercycle mount in the first Nexus challenge, will now have a second chance to obtain these awesome items!

Anyone logging in to Heroes of the Storm will receive a free mega-pack of 20 heroes, a perfect start to dive into this game or an awesome addition to your existing collection! So whether you already love MOBAs or are completely new to the genre, don’t hesitate to play Heroes of the Storm, and get your epic rewards!

For more information, visit the Heroes 2.0 overview page!

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