Heroes of the Storm – New hero and gameplay updates!

Heroes of the Storm – New hero and gameplay updates!

Heroes of the Storm has a few exciting updates for the holidays. A new hero has been added: Hanzo, he is an acrobatic, long-ranged assassin. As of now, he joins the other heroes including his brother Genji in the Nexus.

If you play Overwatch you might already know Hanzo and that isn’t the only thing that will be familiar. Hanzo can use his iconic Dragonstrike ultimate from Overwatch, in Heroes of the Storm as well. He can also use Dragon’s Arrow which is a powerful snipe attack. You can also go for a sneakier approach and use Hanzo as a scout since he can use his Sonic Arrow to gain vision of hard-to-reach areas. His Natural Agility trait is also perfect for this approach as it lets him jump over terrain.

There are also some Gameplay updates now live that had been announced at BlizzCon this year. The developers have tweaked the perspective of the camera to let players see better during for example team fights. Stealth mechanics have also been updated and now make it more fun to play against sneaky heroes.

There have been also some updates to the usefulness of laning. Towers now have infinite ammunition and stand-alone towers have been removed. Mercenary camps have also been updated to be more strategically impactful. Support Heroes have been changed a tad so that not everyone would choose a support hero. The matchmaking system has also received an update so that it takes more the individual performance and contributions into account from the player and so make better matches.

For a more extensive explanation of the Gameplay, updates check here.

During the holiday season, so from now until the 9th of January, players can celebrate the holidays in-game with Winter Veil. If you play 25 games during this period, you complete the quest chain and earn yourself some special goodies.

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