Heroveringen #4 Dood van een Koning – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, History
Written by: Sylvain Runberg, François Miville-Deschènes
Illustrations: François Miville-Deschènes
Coloring: François Miville-Deschènes
Publisher: Le Lombard

Heroveringen #4 Dood van een Koning – Comic Book Review

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Sometimes we have to wait a bit too long before the next part of a series is released, in this case we had to wait a bit over a year for the end of the ‘Heroveringen’ series. Of course, we were left in suspense the last time as the horde was slowly falling apart because of the unruliness between the different clans, and the many losses they had encountered during their latest campaigns. When it became clear that Thusia, the queen’s trustee actually turned out to be a spy, things truly looked dire.

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As this is the last part of a fourfold series, we are going to try and keep things as spoiler-free as possible, but seeing this issue revolves around one main item, we’ll have to give away a bit of the plot nonetheless. Last time Thusia became a prisoner of those she had spent so much time with, simply because they now learned her secret identity. That being said, she actually grew fond of those she was supposed to betray, and thus she is now looking to redeem herself by trying to venture on a mission that can only be called a suicide mission, or at least a very risky one. She plans on killing the king of the Hittite empire, which would win the horde enough time to regroup, as Hittite custom forces those loyal to the empire to return home when their king dies to choose a successor. She gets the chance to prove herself, but she will be accompanied by Marak, who would rather just slit her throat and get it over with.

The flow of this last issue is very chaotic, as you’ll go back and forth between the past, Thusia’s campaign,those who already left the horde, the Tittite empire, and so on, making it hard to adjust to the pace of this album. Nonetheless, the closer you get to the end of this action packed volume, the pieces of the puzzle will slowly fall into place, making it rather fun to think for yourself and ponder about the final moments of this comic book. Sylvain Runberg and François Miville-Deschènes opted for a more action filled album this time, rather than dispense a lot more story worthy information, which proved to be the best choice.

François Miville-Deschènes sticks to the same style as the previous albums, presenting you with a rather realistic style, albeit with rather vague and bland coloring, and sometimes ranging from highly detailed to a bit more ‘sketch’-like. The atmosphere of this album feels totally different, as many events are happening in the midst of snow covered landscapes or at night, which stresses the grim situation the horde finds itself in.


Heroveringen #4 Dood van een Koning is an action filled ending of this short series that combines history with interesting characters and the paranormal. Even though the pacing of this last album is a bit different than the previous ones, you’ll certainly enjoy the ending to this series, even if there’s a constant grimness surrounding the events painted in this 50 page issue. We’re sad to see this series end so soon, but then again, it gets a proper ending, leaving us with nothing to complain about.

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Heroveringen #4 Dood van een Koning – Comic Book Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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