Het Bloed van Lafaards De Slager – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Thriller
Written by: Jean-Yves Delitte
Illustrations: Jean-Yves Delitte
Coloring: Jean-Yves Delitte
Publisher: Casterman

Het Bloed van Lafaards De Slager – Comic Book Review

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The 17th century, often called the Golden Age, was a time where trading alliances were formed and many colonies were established. For many this age was truly the beginning of various ways of life that we still hold dear but, for some, especially the indigenous population of the landmasses that are now seen as colonies, life isn’t all lollipops and rainbows. When certain inhabitants of the English Empire are being butchered on foreign soil, an investigation is bound to follow.


In 1643 on the island of Java, Batavia, things are getting quite rowdy on one of the colonies. Not only has a fire been razing the warehouses filled with precious merchandise, it seems that certain important figureheads are going missing as well. When during the investigation of the matter things go south even further, with the slaughter of different colonists in a nearby encampments encampment, an English captain still continues his research. From the start it’s clear that this will not end well for those who only seek justice.

Flashing forward to 1663, we see Arthur J. Joyce Byron Pike, chief inspector of the English Royal Police who is currently investigating a series of very brutal murders. From the start it’s clear that both events will intertwine at a certain point of the story. It seems a very brutal person is currently rampaging through many different areas, as the murderer is already referred to as ‘the butcher’. That being said, at the same time something peculiar is going on, namely many corrupt figures are starting to get murdered as well.

Whilst this story description might be extremely vague, it’s actually quite hard not to spoil the plot of the comic book by handing out too much information. The story is quite complex at first, but when you flip the last page, you will immediately get that well known ‘oh-so-that’s-what-it-was-feeling’. What makes the comic book complicated is the fact that both time periods (1643 & 1663) alternate every few pages, giving small snippets of the events unfolding in those periods. It will take a short amount of time to get used to, and might scare off casual readers, but if you press on things will actually get very interesting.


It’s clear that Jean-Yves Delitte has put a lot of thought in the storyline of this second issue of the ‘Het Bloed van Lafaards’ series. The entire story is truly worthy of being on par with popular thrillers, albeit in an illustrated form. That being said, the early complexity makes it a story that might not be suited for everyone, even those who love good murder mystery.

Not only was the story carefully pieced together by Jean-Yves Delitte, but the illustrations were done by him as well, which can’t come as a surprise, knowing that he is already recognized as the official painter for the Navy. The illustrations themselves are quite decent, but many panels lack certain details, such as proper facial features. Nonetheless, the rugged drawings have a certain appeal that gives some extra grit to a rather grim story.


Het Bloed van Lafaards De Slager is a complex, but interesting addition to the series, albeit not for casual readers. At first the issue will seem quite complicated, but by the end you will have waded your way through a real thriller. Nonetheless, the initial pages might be quite heavy for those who are looking for a clear cut murder story. If you like to put your grey matter to the test whilst reading a story, this one might be one for you.


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Het Bloed van Lafaards De Slager - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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