Hexologic – Review
Follow Genre: Strategy, casual
Developer: MythicOxl
Publisher: MythicOwl
Platforms: Android, iPhone, PC
Tested on: PC

Hexologic – Review

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When you have some spare time, there are a few possibilities to amuse yourself. Some people want to read, while others enjoy solving some Sudoku puzzles. Almost everyone knows how these work, but what if things became a bit more spicy? If you want to get into something more exciting, be sure to read on.


Hexologic doesn’t really have a story. You’re just flung into the game as this is also available on mobile devices, so there is nothing for you to dig into. The only thing you can find, are some fun and challenging puzzles. It would have been nice if something story-related was coupled as you might lose your interest rather fast.


You’ll be greeted by several colors that feel like you’re stepped inside a painting. There are four worlds you can transverse, which is visible in the background. Each world has its own difficulty or different system, which is nicely visually shown when you go into a new environment. The hexagonal fields are structured and the design plus the faded background makes you feel at ease when tackling the next issue at hand.


The game is made for mobile devices as well, so don’t expect the most elaborate soundtrack. Filling in the hexagons is guided by some nice sound effects that totally fit with the concept. The same can be said about the soundtrack, as you’ll be engulfed in a sea of tranquility. No stress with this game, at least not thanks to the music. The minimalistic style fits perfectly and will get you at ease.


Hexologic is a more strategic version of something that resembles Sudoku, only you have to work with hexagonal shapes to fill in. These hexagons are linked to each other with one or more of their sides and there are total numbers at the outside of the field. For example, for a horizontal line you need to fill in some numbers in the hexagons so the total is met. Of course, there is more than one number available so some shapes are used by multiple sums. This means that there is only one outcome per puzzle, so it might be a struggle to find the right combination. You can change the number inside a hexagon by clicking inside this piece. When you’ve completed one set of numbers, this is shown visually by a green outline so keep this in mind.

At the start of the game, the puzzles are rather easy and will give you an example of what you can expect. The more levels you play, the more hexagons and the more difficult it gets. When you get to a new world, a new mechanic will be introduced. For example, sometimes some hexagons are fixed and changing one of these will change all of them.

Sometimes you might have made a mistake, which means you’re stuck with a partly filled in field. At least you can restart from the beginning of the level, so you can start fresh. The developers also added some tutorial levels for you to explore and get the feeling of how the game works. This is especially useful when you’re not familiar with this type of game. Also, if you finished the 60 normal levels, there are also some special ones waiting for you to discover.


Hexologic is a mobile app with a Steam version as well, which will give you the opportunity to rediscover Sudoku in a different way. Don’t think you’ll need to be into maths with the hexagon shapes because the gameplay is simple and well-explained. If you’re looking for a game to distract your mind for a while, without having to rush or stress, then it might be an idea to check out this game.

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Hexologic - Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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