HI-FI RUSH – Review
Follow Genre: Rhythm Action Game
Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S
Tested on: PS5

HI-FI RUSH – Review

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Good: Great presentation, Unique and fun combat
Bad: Getting the hang of the rhythm gameplay can be a learning curve
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HI-FI RUSH took the world by storm when it was released on Xbox and PC in January last year, blending rhythm-based gameplay with action-packed colorful battles. Gamers praised the game for its fun combat and bright presentation, making it a joy to take down an evil corporation. Now the wait is over for PlayStation players to finally enjoy this gem thanks to the game’s release on PS5 with a handful of new content pieces.


The story of Hi-Fi RUSH is a simple one you’ve seen dozens of times before with the main characters taking on an evil organization to stop them from dominating the world. Chai is an aspiring rockstar with one major problem: the lack of a usable right arm. Thanks to Vandelay Technologies this seems to be a matter of the past thanks to the Armstrong project where a sick robot arm will replace Chai’s defective body part. Not everything goes according to plan, however, as his mp3 player gets mixed up in the procedure, fusing it to his heart and labeling him as a reject. When Vandelay wants to get rid of Chai, the wannabe rockstar stumbles across a group of rebels who want to stop this mega-corporation from world domination. Now it is up to Chai and his ragtag group of rebels to take down the evil corporate bosses and save the world.

This narrative is a pretty simple one, but this works to HI-FI RUSH’s strength. There are no convoluted plot twists or hours of cutscenes, and instead, the story is filled with charm and bright humor. All of the characters are loveable and bounce off of each other with great chemistry. Chai is your typical goofball who acts before he thinks, which matches greatly with his more calculated teammates. While these heroes steal the show, the villains don’t disappoint either. Each has its quirks and personality that you will learn to love during the buildup to the unavoidable boss fights.


When talking about rhythm games, most of the focus normally lies on the soundtrack, but HI-FI RUSH delivers the whole package. The game is a bright visual experience that bursts with style. Each of the locations and characters has a cel-shaded look that is imbued with personality and details that bring the energetic story even more to life. The greatest part of this is the fact that everything in the surroundings, from enemies to details in the background, moves to the beat of the music.


While the visual presentation of HI-FI RUSH is a joy to look at, the sound is the real star of the show. Each level is accompanied by a great track that dictates everything else in the game, from the action gameplay to the movement of the surroundings. The soundtrack varies from uniquely made tracks that really embody the fun and energetic feeling the game goes for to licensed tracks that will have players fight along with some of their favorites.

The characters of HI-FI RUSH are the stars of the show, thanks to great designs and amazing writing. But what brings them even more to life is the voice acting. Each of the performances is well done and makes the colorful cast even more loveable.


HI-FI RUSH is an action game with a big focus on Rhythm-based gameplay. Everything in the game moves to the beat of the soundtrack, influencing every aspect from timing your attacks to the movement of environmental hazards.

You can’t talk about HI-FI RUSH’s gameplay without first mentioning its music. Each stage and boss fight has a unique track, sometimes more than one, which dictates the flow of the level. flatforms move to the music, enemies attack on the beat, and timing your attacks will spell the difference between victory or failure. This can be a challenging mechanic to get used to when starting the game, as following the beat and adjusting your playstyle to it is a bit of a learning curve. Many elements of the surroundings move to the music, making it easier to follow the rhythm. Luckily there is a feature where the beat is displayed like a more traditional rhythm game that shows you when to press a button. This option is easily turned on or off and is a great help when learning the game.

Mastering the beat is crucial in delivering strong attacks during combat. While the light and heavy attacks always land, timing them perfectly gives Chai a power boost and charges up the combo ending with a strong attack. Luckily this isn’t the only thing you have in your arsenal, with Chai having access to a ton of special attacks and combos. These combos make great use of rhythm-based combat, utilizing different attacks and timings to deliver heaps of damage. Throughout the game, there are a bunch of other gameplay mechanics that get introduced, like a parry to take down turrets, which keeps the combat feeling fresh and always offers a new way to fight. But you’re not alone in this endeavor to take on the evil Vandelay Technologies, as Chai’s allies can be called into action to deliver some additional damage. Each of them is also the only way to dispose of certain enemies, putting a bit more tactical thinking into each encounter. While the combat can be a bit intimidating at the beginning with the big focus on timing everything to the beat, it is a ton of fun once you get a feeling for it. The game offers tons of variety in how you build your arsenal of attacks, giving new players a way to find their playstyle while veterans have a lot of options to play around with and get the most stylish scores after every encounter.

While the biggest focus of HI-FI RUSH lies in its rhythmic combat, there is quite some time spent between battles traversing different surroundings. Here are many platforming sections that once again move to the beat and will have players jump and slide in the rhythm. These are fun to take part in and keep up the tempo of the combat thanks to the perfectly timed jumping around. While most of the levels consist of straightforward hallways, there are some smaller areas and corners to explore and find upgrade materials for attacks and stat boosts.

The PS5 release of HI-FI RUSH includes all of the previously released updates along with some extra game modes. After the main story is over, players can enjoy extra challenges like an arcade mode or a boss rush. The game also makes use of the DualSense controller and all its features to make the experience more immersive. All of these additions make the PS5 release the ultimate version of the game.


HI-FI RUSH on PS5 brings one of the biggest action hits of last year to a brand new audience. The rhythm-based combat and platforming are a joy to experience, while it can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around at the beginning. All of this action can be enjoyed while exploring a loveable cast of characters and an amazing presentation. HI-FI RUSH is a must-play title for rhythm or action enthusiasts, and the additions to the PS5 version might warrant a revisit for older fans.

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HI-FI RUSH - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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