High Noon VR – Out now!

High Noon VR – Out now!

A new VR game is out now on Steam: High Noon VR. This game is a Western-inspired Shooter that’s both flashy and entertaining. High Noon VR is situated somewhere in a small town in the Wild West. This small town, of course, includes surrounding prairies and the famous Western-style saloons. You take on the role of sheriff and protect this small town.

As a sheriff, you chase away outlaws that want to take over your precious town. These outlaws are out for blood and since you’re the “law”, you’re their target. You only have one option: put on your spurred boots and choose a weapon from a huge arsenal. There are the regular revolvers but also rifles and dynamite and even harpoons. Choose what suits you best and upgrade when you can so you can beat those bloody outlaws that get tougher and deadlier each level.

High Noon VR rewards skillful playstyles as you can get rewards for killing sprees and multiple headshots. Compete with your friends for some added fun and beat their scores. High Noon VR is available now on Steam and is fully compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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