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It seems that Belgium and The Netherlands already offer their fair share of grading services, as we once again find ourselves taking a closer look at a company in Belgium. This time, however, we are actually reviewing the services of HiroGrading, which is actually a so-called ‘middleman’ of a few of the most famous card grading services in the world. Via HiroGrading we were able to send a few cards to be graded by CGC, which is based in America, without the hassle of having to dish out for expensive international shipping or customs fees. We were quite impressed by the smooth and affordable service being offered here. As this is a middleman review, this review will be a bit different, as the ordering process happens via the middleman, but the actual grading happened by CGC.

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Ordering process

The site will clearly show you which grading services HiroGrading works with, and within those services, you’ll also be able to choose between different tiers. Some tiers do not offer subgrades, but are considerably cheaper, while others will guarantee your cards to be graded quicker, albeit at a more premium price. You can easily mix and match these different offers. This is great if you wish to have a few high-value cards graded via the more premium-priced options, while also sending a bigger batch of cards that you wish to have graded without subgrades, albeit at a slower processing time. Don’t fret, as HiroGrading will take care of both orders separately, making sure your premium cards arrive at your doorstep a lot quicker.

When you have picked your desired option on the site, you’ll have to separately add each card you wish to have graded to your shopping cart. This way, you have a clear and convenient form at the ready when your order is complete. Again, this allows you to check the order in which you want the cards to be graded, and you can also double-check to see if you have perhaps forgotten to add a card you want to have graded.


As our cards were sent to CGC by HiroGrading, we received two quite impressive slabs with our two prized cards in them. The slabs are clean, have a clear case, the cards have a snug fit, and as a whole, it just looks like a quality slab. The label is also very clear, it shows the subgrades (because we selected that option), the final grade, the card name, the set it belongs to, and so on. On the back, there is a unique QR code that leads us to a very impressive database entry. Truth be told, in terms of slabs, we have absolutely no negative remarks when it comes to CGC. Some might prefer a slightly more bombastic design for the label, but we were quite content with the somewhat more formal approach here.


Even though HiroGrading does track your order very well, the database we’ll be discussing here is the one held by CGC. By scanning the QR code on the backside of the label, or by filling in the grading number on the official website, you’ll be taken to a landing page for your specific card. On this page, you can once again check all the details that are visible on the label, but you’ll also see high-res pictures of your actual card. The latter is very interesting to prevent a fake from being passed around in a replica CGC case. Seeing the pictures are so high quality, differences between a fake and the actual graded card would be clear (at least if revolves around defects or damages visible by the naked eye).

Preservation or worthy investment?

Once again, we can only judge the CGC aspect here, even though the monetary part also plays a role here. You’ll be paying a fairly low price to get your cards graded by a renowned company such as CGC via HiroGrading, and we do believe this is a solid investment for avid collectors. While more than often PSA is still deemed ‘better’, we do believe that CGC can match PSA’s quality. We believe this is an investment for mid-value and/or high-value cards. For bulk grading, we aren’t completely convinced that a high-tier grading company is that interesting, as low-value cards often just keep their low value, and grading still costs a pretty penny.


HiroGrading offers a great solution for card collectors who’d love to have their cards graded by big companies such as CGC, while not having to deal with the hassle of international shipping and customs charges. The company is very clear in its communication and for the price you’re paying, it’s basically impossible to do it yourself. As a whole, our experience with HiroGrading was extremely positive. The company is currently expanding its services to other massive grading companies such as PSA and Beckett, which would be an amazing accomplishment if they can pull this off as smoothly as their CGC gradings.

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