Hisashi Koinuma: One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 – Interview

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While the One Piece fans are getting ready for the release of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 this summer, I had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Hisashi Koinuma, the Executive Game Director for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. This game will be the newest instalment in the series of One Piece games and will have lots of new features.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

Like One Piece Unlimited World Red, which was a great title in the One Piece franchise, it’s stated that the fighting mechanics will be a bit like in the Dynasty Warriors games. Do you feel like this is the way the series should evolve into?

It’s important for us that the game is easy to pick up for new players so that they can start playing the game right away. We made sure that the game is easy to get used to.


As the combat will be more or less the same as the previous instalments, are there any differences in mechanics? Did you improve some portions? Or did you decide to opt for several new mechanics, in order to give it another spin?

The battle system of Pirate Warriors 3 is an improved version of the battle system in Pirate Warriors 2. Reason being that the action system in Pirate Warriors 1 & 2 was a little bit difficult for those players who were not used to that kind of fighting mechanics. So we decided to go with easier fighting mechanics in Pirate Warriors 3 which should be a lot easier to pick up.


This brings us to Kizuna Rush. What is this feature exactly?

For Pirate Warriors 3 we have implemented a new system called the Kizuna features. The Kizuna Rush is the awakening version of the characters, during Kizuna Rush characters get a lot stronger but this is for a limited time period.


What can you tell us about the Dream Log mode?

In Dream Log mode players can experience an original storyline which was specially developed for this game and cannot be seen in the anime or manga.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Seeing the game follows the anime series, what tips do you have for those who are only at the beginning of the series? Will there be too many spoilers or will the story be quite vague so other players can still enjoy the experience?

We have fully implemented the storyline that can also be seen in the anime and manga, there will also be a lot cut scenes, we have done this so that the players can fully experience the story of One Piece. People who are not familiar with One Piece or are not that far into the story can get to know the story by playing the game.


Even though it’s quite mean of us to ask. Who is your favourite character in the game? It’s hard for someone so close to the game to choose his favourite – but who do you like playing as?

I prefer female characters (laughs), but if I was to play the game I would pick Ace, Luffy’s brother, a character who is newly implemented into the game.


Do you still have something to tell us about One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 that we do not know yet?

This Pirate Warrior 3 can be called a grand finale (not a true ending), we have improved a lot of things, and we also have implemented a lot of things so players can truly enjoy experiencing the storyline. But players can also enjoy the original storyline which was developed for this game. There are also lots of collectables that players can collect, by meeting certain conditions players can unlock pictures, panels,… This should be the game that all anime fans, but most certainly the One Piece fans, should play to find out what One Piece is all about.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

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