Hitman: Episode 1 – Review
Follow Genre: Action Adventure, Stealth
Developer: IO Interactive
Publisher: Square Enix
Platforms: PS4, XBOX ONE, PC
Tested On: PS4

Hitman: Episode 1 – Review

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Hitman is big time publisher Square Enix’s latest main entry into the vastly popular series. Players were left a little shocked when it was announced that this game would release in episodic portions. It brought about a lot of discussion in the gaming world and with such controversy we were intrigued to see what this game had to offer.

Returning as widely known Agent 47, we were anxious to get into the hugely loved world of Hitman. Episode 1 is essentially an introduction pack and we’ll be bringing reviews of each update as it comes.



It’s 13 years before the events of Hitman: Absolution. You, the protagonist Agent 47 arrive at a snowy and remote ICA training facility in central Europe. With little to no researchable background data on 47, the ICA are greatly reluctant to bring him aboard. In order to prove his skillset, 47 is interviewed and sent into VR training. This is where the story to Hitman begins. After the introduction, you are set 12 years in the future and you decide how you will continue this highly anticipated episodic release.

Hitman’s story is a good, if not an obvious insight into famous assassin Agent 47 past. It’s great to finally see the roots to this efficient and well known killer and as this game is based after the events of Hitman: Absolution, it will be great to see how to story of Hitman continues.



The graphics in this game are beautifully clean and sharp. It’s one of the most realistic games we’ve ever had the pleasure of looking at. There are some beautiful visuals, especially in the beginning of the game in the white, mountainous region. The clarity in the landscape is absolutely astounding. In the main missions, we enjoyed a vibrant selection of gorgeous outdoor and indoor environments. It’s a real step up for the series and it leaves us excited and hoping for some exuberant and exotic locations in the upcoming releases. There is a lot of potential here for Hitman.


In terms of sound, there isn’t really much to say about Hitman and that’s not a bad thing. For the most part it doesn’t feature any real soundtrack. Really, the last thing we’d want is an immersion breaking, intruding song over our sly infiltrations. Any music is subtle and fitting. We commend developer IO Interactive in understanding this and not feeling the need to push in anything unnecessary. In mission level sounds are realistic and flow very well. NPCs voices are believable and deliver well read lines that you may listen into in order to explore further gameplay possibilities.



Hitman as one of the oldest 3rd person stealth/action adventures has always been about tackling your mission objectives in your own way. If you ever wanted to drop a chandelier on someone’s head, then Hitman is your game. If you wanted to say.. Trick a well known chess player/Soviet informant into a static fighter jet and have him trigger his own ejection seat, ultimately sending him through the roof of a hangar and to his death, then this is also your game. You see, there’s a problem of linearity in games these days. Too many games want to take you by the hand and lead you down a path with nice views and dimwitted enemies. Hitman however wants you to find your own way and it’s very strict on mistakes. Act suspicious or get caught doing the slightest thing wrong then nearby guards or smart staff will catch on. This is amazingly refreshing. That’s not to say it’s overly complex. There are straightforward ways in order to complete your main mission. They’ll still require a certain amount of skill but in order to complete optional objectives, you’ll need to keep your wits about you and be patient. Hitman is great in the sense that you have a huge range of ways to play and difficulties to push onto yourself. For example, in an assassination contract we took on, we were asked to take down a target in a very busy area, wearing no uniform and thus not being legal in the area and therefore standing out to guards. This was extremely difficult. We had to create a good few distractions such as pulling a fire alarm or two to get to our target. Upon completion of a mission, you are issued a rating dependant on many factors such as innocents killed or times being caught by a CCTV camera. This really pushes you to be on your best and most effective behaviour as earning high ranks will issue you with cool rewards for Agent 47.


Being an episodic release and an introduction pack at that, all of the above is crucial in extending its replayability. In essence there are only three maps. One set on a luxurious yacht, one in a highly militarized army base and the last and main map is set in a glamorous mansion hosting a fashion show. All three maps run like clockwork. The main NPCs will arrive on time unless you cause some early mayhem. This allows you to build up some strategy and teach you how to efficiently explore the area. These areas are vastly different and a lot of fun however, if you’ve just paid full price for a game, we personally would not be entirely happy with 3 maps until the next episode which releases on April 26th. All of that aside though, the gameplay is a whole lot of fun. Despite the limited content, there are a multitude of fun options such as user created contracts which are surprisingly easy to create yourself. All you need to do is load the map, target an NPC, either leave them or kill them in a particular way in particular equipment, and complete the mission.


Hitman is a welcome addition to the long running series. It’s fresh and a whole lot of fun. Whilst we do see a slight hint of charm in the episodic release strategy, we can’t help but feel it’s a step in the wrong direction for gaming as a whole. After hours of gameplay, we can’t help but feel as if we’ve completed everything there is. But there’s a lot more to come. It’s going to be a strange journey with this game, dipping in and out of it as months go by.

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