Hollow Knight A Closer Look

Hollow Knight A Closer Look

Hollow Knight is an action-adventure game in 2D, Metroidvania style. Metroidvania, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a subgenre of action-adventure games. The term is coined from the titles of games series Metroid and Castlevania. Games within Metroidvania subgenre feature large, interconnected world maps which you are free to explore at your own pace, with some of the sections being locked or unavailable until a certain criterion has been reached, such as acquiring new skills, weapons, progressing the story, etc. As the game goes on, the player is encouraged to experiment with different gameplay styles, to explore as much as possible, uncovering more levels, and learning of the story. In the process, the player connects with the character and becomes more and more invested as time passes.

Those that know of the Metroidvania subgenre and of all the perks it has to offer have probably already heard of the Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight represents the pinnacle of its kind. It is an indie game, made by people who love the genre and wanted to contribute to it with their unique idea. Development was party funded via Kickstarter and the game is released on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The player is in the control of an insect-like, nameless knight that wields a nail as a sword and uses it as a weapon and as a way to interact with the environment. The game takes place in a vast, fictional kingdom called Hallownest. As already mentioned, exploring, combat, and interaction are the main focus points of this game. Most of the fighting revolves around melee combat where the knight uses his short nail to strike his opponents. Killed enemies drop currency called Geo which you can use to buy items and improve your character.

As the game progresses, the player can also learn and equip various different spells, offering utility and long-range attacks. Hitpoints of the character are represented with a limited number of masks. The number of masks can be increased by collecting “mask shards” throughout the world thus increasing the player’s effective health. Spells can be cast using Soul. The Soul acts like mana in many other games and regenerates by striking your enemies in melee. The game features a somewhat different death mechanic. When you lose all of your masks and end up defeated, a Shade appears at that place, you lose all of your Geo and half of your Soul. You respawn at a last visited bench (which are scattered throughout the world as checkpoints) and are required to go back and kill the Shade to recover your valuables. The game sports a unique art style. Don’t be deceived by its small size. Graphics are on par and even better than most current retro-inspired 2D games. The vast kingdom you can explore has numerous different zones, enemies, and bosses offering all endless amounts of fun through combat, movement, and puzzles.

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