Hollow Rhyme comes to Steam Greenlight!

Hollow Rhyme comes to Steam Greenlight!

A young boy awakes late at night, deep within his school. There doesn’t seem to be a single soul around, and everything looks strange and menacing in the darkness. How did he get here? Why is he alone?

Hollow Rhyme places you firmly in the shoes of this lost child. You must explore and attempt to answer these questions, as well as find a way out. But as the night progresses, you will slowly come to realise that you were wrong all along. You are not alone. The once familiar world of your school will begin to transform into something much more haunting as its dark and deadly secrets are brought to life before you.

You must manage your breath to escape from danger, hide from your pursuers and complete tasks to have a chance of escaping the night. Hollow Rhyme is designed for you to be able to find and discover the story, and fill in the gaps yourself. Released in three episodes, the first of which is planned to be unveiled early this year, and available for your vote now on Steam Greenlight, Hollow Rhyme definitely looks promising for every big horror fan out there.

Make sure that you check out the trailer below, and have a gander at the Hollow Rhyme Greenlight page for more information.

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Hollow Rhyme comes to Steam Greenlight!, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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