Home Release – Girls (Season 3)

Home Release – Girls (Season 3)

There are a lot of series that have particular storylines but there are only a few that are a bit controverse. The series Girls has some explicit sex scenes and quite a lot of ‘weird’ humour. This gives a lot to talk about.

If it has been a while since you saw the previous season, this next info will get you up to date. Hannah wants to get her writing carreer back on track, while she still wants to keep Adam close by. Marnie works hard to gain the life she wants and she tries to recover from the break-up with Charlie. Shoshanna tries to find the perfect balance between partying and schoolwork, while Jessa keeps on disturbing her friends’ lives.

Well, if you want to have this gem on DVD, the 14th of January will be the day you want to remember.

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