Home Release – Les oubliées and Le passager

Home Release – Les oubliées and Le passager

February sees the release of not one, but two high quality French series. In    (The Forgotten Girls) we meet Christian Janvier (Jacques Gamblin), a police captain who is wrestling with some private problems. He’s losing touch with both his wife (played by Nathalie Besançon) and his daughter Caroline (Priscilla Attal-Sfez).

When the news of a missing girl hits Janvier, he is reminded to an old case he lost himself in. Once more he goes down to the darkness in the hope to catch the criminal.

Les oubliées comes out on February 24th, on DVD. It will contain 6 episodes, each lasting ~50 minutes.

le-passangerThe second series also follows a traumatized cop, namely Anaïs Chatelet (Raphaëlle Agogué). Struggling with a service childhood trauma, Anaïs gets stunned by the discovery of a corpse, attached with a severed bullhead. When she and her team track down a suspect, he claims to have lost his memory.

Le passage (The Passenger) is a six part series, with each episode lasting ~50 minutes. It will be released on February 24th, on DVD.






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