Hooligan Fighters hits Steam store

Hooligan Fighters hits Steam store

The controversial online multiplayer fighting game, Hooligan Fighters, has hit the Steam store just earlier today as an early access game. Set in the underworld of illegal hooligan brawls, Hooligan Fighters is a close combat fighting game that offers no other kind of combat. A variety of punches, kicks and special combinations is everything you’ll need to compete with players from around the globe. There’s a slight catch however. Most of us will know the traditional 1vs1 fighting games in which all is fairly balanced but Hooligan Fighters offers 10vs10 team fights which makes the close combat a lot more challenging.

As for the features found in Hooligan Fighters, here’s an overview;

  • Close combat – the game offers close combat in the form of punches, kicks and special combo’s.
  • 10vs10 – forget the traditional 1vs1 fighting games, get obliterated in 10vs10 matches instead.
  • Change of scenery – the fights can take place in any of the many closed-off arenas such as an abandoned subway station, a rural football field or a stadium.
  • Fast-paced gameplay – Each match lasts about 10 minutes meaning the skirmishes are short enough to stay interesting while being speedy enough for some quick rounds.
  • Various game modes – currently there are two game modes available, Skirmish which is round based fights and Conquest. More game modes are to be added in the near future.
  • Interactive environment – players can fight using objects found in their surrounding such as metal pipes, trash bins and stones
  • Respect Points – the player will earn respect points which they can use to develop their character’s combat and visual style
  • Speed up character strength – one can speed up their road to victory by spending money with micro-transactions or by buying themselves a Premium bundle.

Additional features such as clans, character classes, cooperative mode and gamepad support is a small notion of what the developers have planned to implement in their game in the future.

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Hooligan Fighters hits Steam store, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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