HopDodge coming to Steam June 1st

HopDodge coming to Steam June 1st

Indie developer BlankGamesOnline has announced that their brand new platformer HopDodge will soon be released on Steam this June 1st. HopDodge is both a top-down 3D platformer and a side-scrolling 3D platformer. Players will be able to move around on the backplane as Hop, or play as Dodge by jumping and weaving in the 3D platforming mode.

HopDodge has 50+ base levels to play through, and these are built using an in-game editor, which will also allow players to make their own. Additionally, these levels can also be shared with other players using the Steam Workshop integration, bringing endless fun.

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HopDodge coming to Steam June 1st, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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