Hotel Hideaway is the new adopted family member of Love Island and Azerion

Hotel Hideaway is the new adopted family member of Love Island and Azerion

Programs such as Love Island are insanely popular, and that’s why a developer like Azerion can easily turn such shows into a more engaging experience, focused on the viewers of the program. While Hotel Hideaway, a digital interactive hangout space, already existed, it’s clear what the popularity of a program such as Love Island can do when you merge it with an existing concept. To prove how successful they were, the following statement was published with statistics:

“In the first 15 hours of launching the branded room,135,000 items were sold. This increased to 545,000 after 30 days, with blue and pink caps the most popular items. This exceeded previous campaigns run on Hotel Hideaway, which saw an average of 75,000 items sold in the first 15 hours and 360,000 after the first 30 days. The branded room attracted 3 million visits in 30 days with 46,000 daily visitors on average, spending an average of 52 mins in total over the period.”

It’s once again made abundantly clear that cosmetics rule the world, but you can also simply enjoy the Love Island quiz and beat other players with your expert knowledge when hanging out in Hotel Hideaway.

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