How Skins Help You Perform Better In Fortnite

No one can deny that the game Fortnite has become a modern-day phenomenon. It’s absolutely free for anyone to access all areas. Nothing is closed off or unlocked through a lack of money. This has made it a totally accessible game for all to enjoy.

Much of the game remains the same, as changes are only made occasionally. The key factors to bring variety and interest exist through the use of different skins for the gaming characters. That’s where the money is made by the creators of Fortnite, as gamers have to pay for them. But why would people part with their money if the gameplay remains unchanged? There are surely reasons for this, and that’s what this article is all about. 

Skins are a real prize

Online gamers love to show off their skins because they are like medals or badges of honor. It was interesting to see these rare skins on the internet as they provided more explanation: Some skins could only be earned by reaching certain levels and unlocking them. Less competent players could only look on with envy. For example, the Ice King was only available to people who reached tier 100 during Wintery Season 7. Other skins have only been made available for limited times, such as Christmas 2017. If people acted promptly to secure them, they could look on with glee at those who missed their chance. 

Some skins were only made available in Europe. That means some international opponents won’t be able to match you. Other gamers had to first make a specific purchase, such as buying an S4 tablet or Samsung Galaxy S6 phone.

Gamers love to discuss them

The Fornite community is massive, and much interaction and discussion have spilled over to Youtube. Whilst things like tactics and game playing are obviously mentioned, one cannot dismiss the high profile that skins have. 

Social media helps add to the sense of kudos when discussing which skins are best. They’re like Pokemon cards: people love to discuss them and collect them. 

It’s a way to express your identity 

Think of the fashion world. People wear certain clothes and colors to project an image. Having an expensive brand label is a real fashion statement. Others show off their rebellious side by wearing radical outfits. The same thing applies to the choice of skins. 

It’s quite interesting that whilst most game players are male, they often select female skins because of their elegance, dress, or attractiveness. The dances they perform are also highly eye-catching for those watching. 

Gaming is all about fun, so not everyone takes themselves too seriously. That’s why such characters as Tomato Head have been popular. There’s also space for the bizarre, such as Wildcard. Female divas will enjoy Rox. 

One feels more menacing

If gamers are involved in a battle, they won’t play well if they look weak and feeble. Even bulky characters serve that purpose.

When it comes to inspiring fear in the hearts of one’s rivals, the horror genre has plenty to offer. Characters reflect such genres as Halloween, or gamers assume skins resembling the undead. Raptor has a bomber image, and others resemble cowboys.

Gamers bring their interests with them

Someone’s skin can be a projection of themself. Alternatively, it can reflect someone’s idea of the ultimate combatant. The Lone Ranger appeals to those who like mythical gods. Lynx resembles something out of Marvel films or DC Comics. Even animal lovers can find something to choose, such as Meowscles, the cat spy agent. Talking of spies, Midas resembles a good-looking Bond character.

History buffs can reflect their interests by adopting such skins as Red Knight. Even obscure tastes are catered for, such as Raven who is an allusion to Edgar Allen Poe.

As we have said, Fortnite is hugely popular. Gamers play better when it’s fun and varied. Whilst the game has infrequent updates, skins are released on a regular basis and gain lots of interest. The fact is that skins don’t give anyone a practical gaming advantage, but there is always the possibility of having a psychological advantage. Opponents who know you have a skin because you previously reached a high level may feel intimidated. 

Gamers can feel bold because they are ‘standing inside’ a menacing or strong character. Like an actor, they can hide behind their assumed identity. At the end of the day, it’s just a game, but the use of skins heightens the overall experience. Gamers can stand out from the crowd with distinctive looks. People who are collectors at heart will also love the opportunity to amass them. 

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