How to build your Seasonal Companion: the Seneschal Construct

How to build your Seasonal Companion: the Seneschal Construct

Embark on an epic journey in Diablo IV Season 3, Season of the Construct with your loyal ally, the Seneschal Construct. This highly customizable pet-like companion is a formidable addition to your arsenal, and crafting its abilities is key to unlocking its true potential.

With the guidance of Ayuzhan, players can revive an uncorrupted Seneschal Construct, transforming it into their Seasonal Companion. This mechanical ally follows the character everywhere, offering its unique abilities independently and creating combo opportunities. Unlike traditional pets, the Seneschal Construct does not have health and cannot die, but it does have a stagger.

This guide will take you through the process of building the perfect Seneschal Construct to complement your Wanderer’s power.

Building Your Seasonal Companion

The Seneschal Construct comes with two default attacks, and players can enhance these by modifying stones in its Cryptex. The customization process involves two types of stones: the Governing Stones, which dictate the type of attack your Seneschal will perform, and the Tuning Stones, augmenting the Governing Stones to add additional mechanics, such as shooting extra projectiles or changing the damage type.

Governing Stones are variants of Paragon glyphs that do not have a level or rarity. Once acquired, they do not need to be reacquired, providing a paced progression for players. The Tuning Stones in contrast, have levels and rarities. Their improvements are linear with levels, offering players a structured enhancement path.

Obtaining Stones for Customisation

Building the perfect Seneschal Construct requires acquiring Governing and Tuning Stones, and the best way to get these are by completing the Vaults, guaranteeing at least one random Level-Scaled Tuning Stone. Wardwoven Chests obtained during Vault runs may award bonus Tuning Stones or valuable equipment. Another way to source these stones is by successfully defeating Constructs. Every defeated Construct ensures a percentage of Shattered Stone, which can be crafted into stones at the Jeweler.

Crafting Your Perfect Seneschal Construct

In Diablo IV, Season of the Construct, the Seneschal Construct is not just a companion but a strategic ally. Utilize the customization options provided by Governing and Tuning Stones to tailor its abilities to your playstyle. Craft the perfect mechanical companion to stand alongside you as you face the challenges lurking in the ancient vaults of Kehjistan.

On 23rd January, head to the Sanctuary and have fun building your loyal ally while fighting against demonic forces. Diablo IV: Season of the Construct is available from 23rd January on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.

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