How to Choose Good Devices for Your PC on Student’s Budget

Playing computer games is one of the favorite hobbies of many students worldwide. Those who own a PC and were introduced to the gaming world can hardly resist the thrill and adrenaline gaming gives them. If PC gaming does not negatively affect the academic success of a student, it can bring tremendous benefits. Knowing this, many students are in a search for the best gaming laptop and gear that allows them to do quality gaming in their spare time.

It’s no secret that, in the world of technology, it’s really easy to break the bank. Gaming laptops have high prices today, not to mention the many pieces of equipment you need to accompany your gaming experience. As a student, you can hardly afford to spend a fortune on computer keyboards or other gaming gear items. But, you also don’t want to buy low-quality gear that will affect your gaming in a negative way.

So, what do you do? How do you pick the best and most affordable gear for your PC gaming? To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top gear for PC gaming that includes both PCs and accessories.

1.     Asus ROG STRIX GL12

There are plenty of options regarding gaming desktops, but finding an affordable and reliable one can be hard. This particular item ranks highly among its users and comes with quite a good price. The Asus model sports the Intel’s Core i7-9900K and is paired with NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 Ti graphic card.

During your games, you’ll surely enjoy a speed boost. With this gaming desktop, that’s what you’ll be getting. The item features a unique RAID configuration for SSDs, making it one of the best investments you can make to play PC games.

1.     Elgato Stream Deck Mini

When it comes to choosing the best streaming devices, this is one we picked for you. With the highly affordable Elgato Stream Deck Mini, you can stream games on a small version from the original Stream Deck Controller. The item costs one-third from what you’d spend on the big version, but even though it gives you six buttons instead of fifteen, it also has some amazing features. This option has a more stable triangular device, an intuitive interface, as well as OLED buttons.

2.     Dell G7 15

You don’t necessarily have to spend all of your savings to get a decent laptop for gaming, and this product definitely proves it. In the past decade or so, Dell has produced its G series notebooks that work at a great amount of power at a really low cost. Out of all those options, the G7 15 is the highest rated among students.

It costs around $999 with its NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 graphic card, but you can even upgrade it and include the RTX 2080. Thanks to the large display, you can enjoy fine gaming with amazing resolution. With this price, you don’t have to dream about a great PC device any longer. Just get it and start playing, but don’t forget to make your assignments before the deadline, too. If you’re having trouble with meeting a deadline, you can always buy assignments at the UK service PC gamers like yourself use on a regular basis.

3.     Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro

Headphones are a must for every gaming enthusiast out there. This product will cost you around $100 and provide you with the incredible sound you’re looking for. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for those deep bass or high notes. With the Cloud Alpha Pro, you won’t be experiencing distortion and won’t need gimmicks like other high-end headsets are often pushing on the market.

4.     Kingston HyperX Pulsefire Surge

Looking for a great gaming mouse? Well, this is it – and it will perfectly fit into your limited budget. The Pulsefire Surge mouse has customizable lighting, adjustable weights, and extra buttons on the site. It allows for fine and precise gaming, and you can also use it to work on your assignments.

5.     Logitech G512

Finally, we have selected the best keyboard a student can buy on a low budget. Just because you don’t spend a fortune on a keyboard doesn’t mean that you can’t get one that will meet all of your gaming needs. This keyboard comes at a surprisingly low cost considering how many features it offers. It might not be the most advanced you can find, but it’s definitely an excellent choice for you.

The Logitech G512 has three switch options that are all mechanical and provide you with feedback. It’s made of magnesium-aluminum alloy and comes with a USB port for your mouse.


Have you found everything you needed in our list? Getting great equipment for PC gaming doesn’t have to be a costly investment. As a student, these are the best items to consider based on your budget.

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Emma Rundle is a PC game developer who works on creating quality gaming experience for gamers worldwide. She works on creation of new, as well as updates on existing games. You can find plenty of her articles published on gaming sites and blogs online.

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