How to identify a reliable, safe, and exciting online casino to play bingo in the UK

How to identify a reliable, safe, and exciting online casino to play bingo in the UK

For years now, there is a thin line between gaming and gambling. This line was further blurred out with the introduction of microtransactions in games, creating a dangerous new trend in gaming. It was now deemed normal and appropriate to add a gambling aspect to video games that were often played by children or young adults. Of course, games directed towards adults are a different case altogether, but even so, having to dish out the money for a full-priced game to then resort to loot box mechanics in order to unlock new content was heavily frowned upon. Sadly, this is still something that exists today.

Now, however, many countries are putting a ban on these so-called ‘surprise’ mechanics, as they are deemed quite the liability for those failing to see them for what they are. For example, in Belgium, some of Nintendo’s mobile games are banned due to having many microtransactions, but also Blizzard Activision’s Overwatch had to change its loot box formula. Certain adults stated they were not happy with the change, as they felt they could do with their money as they liked, but many parents were happy that their children or teenagers couldn’t accidentally spend hundreds of dollars/Euros on a few random cosmetic upgrades. Some games even put very important items behind a loot box system, preventing progress within the game if you don’t pay for a lot of these loot boxes. This is considered a deal-breaker for many gamers, and rightfully so.

It then circles back to the age-old question of where should one go to have a safe gambling experience? There are, for example, many safe bingo sites in UK that are fun to visit, while making sure your invested money is well-protected. The problem often lies in recognizing which bingo sites are safe to visit, and if you can count on a fair and fun experience. Even though bingo always holds the risk of losing money, one can still have a lot of fun when it is done in a professional and secure environment.

The first indication to see if a bingo or casino operator site is secure, is by checking the address bar of your browser. You can recognize a secure site if the link has HTTPS in front of it. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This means that the site is properly authenticated and it will also protect your transferred data, while ensuring your privacy is also guaranteed. This also means that you are very unlikely to get scammed or that hackers may be lurking in the shadows. When a site only has the HTTP certificate, you should best avoid the platform, especially if you are considering bingo with real money. This is certainly a huge red flag, and it’s best to then check out some other bingo platforms that are completely secure.

A second red flag is when a bingo site or casino doesn’t not have any secure ways of depositing money. Some sites require you to deposit money directly into a bank account, and it will then take several days before the supposed balance will show up in your own account. This is something you wish to avoid, as you won’t have any form of protection this way. This is then often further enhanced by the lack of a support email address, making it impossible to actually contact the platform you just spent money on. Always check if the bingo platform has a decent support system and if they allow secure ways of paying.

If you have finally decided on which casino site you wish to play games on, you’ll also notice that online casinos aren’t like the stuffy dark places you see in many movies. You won’t be seated at a table with a villain that comes straight from a James Bond movie, but you’ll actually be able to choose from many classic games, themed slots, or even bingo games. These themed versions of authentic casino games can spice things up a bit, and it’s always a fun experience if you can combine a friendly wager with a game that you enjoy playing. Who wouldn’t want to earn a bit of extra money when playing zombie-themed slots for example?

Those looking for a different experience altogether can also delve into the world of betting on eSports competitions. This is also a segment of the gambling industry that has been growing over the years, and it is very similar to placing a bet on an actual sports match. We also notice that normal casinos are embedding video games in their offerings by the usage of the aforementioned themed casino games. It’s always interesting to see what is on offer, and after that, you can start placing educated bets.


Nowadays there are many ways of gambling money, and it’s important you find a secure platform to enjoy the games you like, it could be bingo, slots, blackjack, or another casino game. Of course, once again we wish to mention that you should handle your money responsibly and that you should also know your limits. If you do, it can be an extremely fun experience that earns you a pretty penny in the process. There are loads of ways to place a secure and safe bet, be it in a classic casino environment, or when playing bingo games. Other than that, we also see a huge surge in betting on eSports competitions. In short, do your research, find the game(s) that suits you the most, and have fun.

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