Hubris – Upcoming Sci-Fi VR Adventure game announced!

Hubris – Upcoming Sci-Fi VR Adventure game announced!

The upcoming Sci-Fi action-adventure VR game Hubris has been announced during Gamescom, and will launch on Desktop VR platforms before the end of 2022! This game is developed by the 3D animation and VR specialist Cyborn. You can add this game to your wishlist on the Steam page of Hubris.

Hubris is a VR action-adventure game set in a unique and intriguing Sci-Fi universe. You play as a recruit of the Triple-O (or OOO for short), sent to the Twin planet system to search for the lost agent Cyanha. To survive you must shoot, swim, climb, and jump your way through the harsh environment of a planet being terraformed. Together with pilot Lucia, you have to fight the wicked enemies of the OOO.

Become part of the world of Hubris, the start of a new full-blown space saga. Fight alongside epic and colorful characters against a mix of alien wildlife, humanoids and mechanized enemies, each of them requiring unique tactics to defeat. Gather and salvage resources, craft weapons and tools, control vehicles and mechanical devices. Unravel the OOO’s long-forgotten secrets, and earn your place as an agent of the Order of Objectivity.

This engaging adventure is specifically designed from the ground up for VR platforms, allowing players to move around its environment in an all-encompassing, immersive manner. Enjoy a full VR experience in which you are able to move, climb, swim and jump freely, while savoring some of the best and most immersive graphics in VR available.

For more information about this upcoming game, visit the official website of Hubris.

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