Huge Thea: The Awakening DLC now on Steam

Huge Thea: The Awakening DLC now on Steam

Indie studio MuHa Games has announced the release of new DLC pack ‘Return of the Giants’ for their successful strategy game Thea: The Awakening. This expansion, available as a free DLC for all those who already own Thea: The Awakeningadds a new storyline where new powerful creatures and ancient Giants have been awakened, and are now wreaking havoc in an already tumultuous world.

Other key features of the DLC include:

  • 70 new in-game events
  • New buildings and weapons
  • Event Editor, which allows players to create their own unique missions and storylines, and add them into the game’s procedurally generated world
  • New artworks
  • Localised language versions (German, French, Polish, Russian), and a full English voiceover for many in-game events
  • Community requested features after five months of tweaking

The ‘Return of the Giants’ DLC is now available on Steam as a free expansion to the original base game. This itself is available for £14.99 in the UK, €19,99 in the EU and $19.99 in the US. If you’re interested, check out the trailer below.

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