Huge update coming to Armello soon

Huge update coming to Armello soon

Three years after its launch, Armello will get a huge free update that will upgrade the game to v2.0 later this month. The beta launches later today on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. This will be the largest update this game has ever seen.

This update features a complete overhaul of the front-end menu, multiplayer functionality, architecture and meta progression loop. Multiplayer Reconnection, a much-requested feature, will be added to the game that gives players the option to rejoin a match in progress when the connection has dropped. This pairs nicely with the new Intelligent Party Menu that makes it easier to set up games with friends.

The Hero Mastery feature adds long-term goals and rewards, allowing players to level up their Heroes and earn a lot of new cosmetic content by doing so. Dice skins can be combined so you can make custom combinations of Armello’s iconic dice. Clan Grounds enable you to save Hero-specific loadouts and the many unique collectibles will now be gather in one unified area: The Jewelry Box.

Also, a new 3D card system combined with improved graphics in many areas will make the game even prettier that it already is. Update v2.0 will release in two weeks on the 26th of February and you will be able to check a lot of these new features in the beta that will launch today.

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