Hyakki Castle – A free downloadable present for the players of the game!

Hyakki Castle – A free downloadable present for the players of the game!

A New dungeon map for Hyakki Castle will be released December 21st, 2017 just in time for the holidays. This dungeon map called “The Last Fight with Doman” is almost like a present for the players of Hyakki Castle as it’s a free bonus. In The Last Fight with Doman players will have to fight against the most ferocious bosses that appeared previously in Hyakki Castle but now they are even stronger. These bosses will give players a more difficult challenge as they come with brand new attacks and a thirst for revenge.

The developers have also listened to the players and released a bunch of patches. These patches are based on the feedback and requests from players and fans.  There is now, for example, an improved tutorial when you first start the game. There have also been improvements to user-interface and fixes of other small issues that improve the game experience.

Hyakki Castle is an RPG, Dungeon crawler that is set in the 18th century during the Edo Period of Japan. It features a brand-new take on the traditional real-time RPG battle system and encourages players to split their party with its exclusive 2-party system. Check out our review of Hyakki Castle here.

Hyakki Castle is now available on Steam and there are plans for a holiday promotion on the price for Hyakki Castle so keep on the official Steam page if you’re interested.


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