Hyakki Castle – Available now!

Hyakki Castle – Available now!

The terrifying but beautiful RPG game: Hyakki Castle, has launched on PC via Steam today. Hyakki Castle brings actual Japanese folklore and ghost stories to life. The game is situated in a creepy haunted castle in the 18th century during the Edo Period of Japan. Players have to explore the frightening halls of the castle together with a party to find and subdue the castle’s horrible Lord.

Hyakki Castle has a unique 2-party system which hasn’t been seen in real-time dungeon RPGs. This means you can use different strategies while splitting forces and managing multiple parties. You work together with other players to use unique skills and equip up to four actions at the same time to defeat horrifying demons and hideous ghosts with distinctive attacks, defenses, projectiles and magic spells. As you explore more of the grim castle you uncover more of the mysteries within and around it.

 “All of us are particularly enthusiastic for the opportunity to add our contribution to the dungeon RPG genre, creating a thrilling, mysterious, and suspenseful experience,” said Masaru Saito, Producer at Happinet. “We’re proud that Hyakki Castle showcases the deep roots of Japan’s rich folklore and hope it delivers an exceptional and gratifying experience to RPG fans around the world.”

Hyakki Castle is out now on Steam for PC and to celebrate the release you can get a 20% discount on the game this week only. There were also plans announced for free extra dungeons releasing this year so players should keep an eye on the Steam page.



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