Hybrid slot machine combat game Monster Roller launched

Hybrid slot machine combat game Monster Roller launched

Boomzap Entertainment’s latest mobile title, Monster Roller, has launched worldwide only recently. The game combines luck and strategy with a hybrid slot machine combat system and allows players to collect monsters on the go. Set in a vast and colorful land, filled with wild monsters, it is the player’s duty to tame the monsters that now roam ruins, taverns and even ancient castles. There are over 20 monsters to collect, plus their evolved forms but more monsters will be added soon. All of these hatchlings are available in offline play as well!

A PvP mode is also available in the arena, where monsters and their human masters battle for fame, wealth and eventually dominion. Each monster has its unique strengths and weaknesses thus players can start strategizing their best defense and offense moves to defeat their friends in the online PvP mode. When the monsters level up, the player gets to choose in which way they grow; do the hatchlings gain power in attack, health or healing? It’s up to the player to determine just how their monsters grow.


Monster Roller is a small sized game and won’t take up too much space on your mobile phones. In fact, the game is under 50 MB which is a reasonable size for mobile games. The game offers an online PvP mode and an offline solo adventure mode which allows players to access the game whenever they want. As an added bonus, Monster Roller is a free-to-play game in the sense that each egg type can be earned by simply playing the game without the need of gems or energy.

If you are ready to hatch, raise and train monsters, Monster Roller is available free of charge on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

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