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Developer: NVYVE® Studios
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What if aliens were to attack Earth with advanced technology to easily eradicate all humans from the planet earth? You’d need something to defend humanity. At DevTech labs, employees are hard at work to design the perfect weapon to prevent exactly this. Now, you’ve got an internship at this great revolutionary company as Dewey Owens. Unfortunately  an intern would never be allowed inside these important simulations, so what do you do? You sneak inside over the weekend to get access to those simulations of course!


In HYPERGUN, you’ll play as Dewey Owens. He works as an intern at DevTech Labs and he snuck into the labs over the weekend. The story of HYPERGUN is mainly told by reading notes on post-its, laptops and tablets. DevTech Labs is an advanced weapons corporation that has dedicated itself to preventing an alien menace to take over the world. To do this, they have developed a simulation chamber to develop and test the ultimate weapon, the Hypergun that will put a stop to an alien menace when it comes to that point. By running through the simulation a multitude of times, you’ll unlock new weapon add-ons to help you defeat all the enemies in the dangerous virtual world the simulation produces.


The graphics of HYPERGUN are pretty good. The office space is designed well with detailed furniture and such. Within the simulation you’ll see TRON-like color schemes with bright neon-like colors emanating from all places and items. The aliens within the simulation look good too with good animation as well.


The sound in HYPERGUN is very basic. When you enter the office, you will hear a distant music that sounds like an elevator waiting tune. Inside a simulation, only one song will be played in a loop the whole time.  It sounds like a tune from games created 20 years ago. It fits the setting of the game but it will eventually annoy you because it keeps repeating. It’s obvious that the creators didn’t spend much time in creating good music for this game.


HYPERGUN is a fast-paced roguelite first-person shooter. When you first start up the game, you’ll notice immediately that the movement speed of your character is very fast. You’ll fly through rooms as if you were running your lungs out. You’ll first enter DevTech Labs and you can explore the whole office, read notes on the various reading devices and post-its.

When you’re done exploring you need to get yourself into the simulation chamber. Here you can check your records, see the Top 5 participant’s weapons and unlock upgrades and other classes to play with. In this room you can enter the simulation to start making your way through the different levels by killing all the alien enemies that stand in your way.

The game contains a bunch of different enemies to conquer. These differ from aliens that run towards you that slash you up with their blade-like hands to big enemies that charge you, shoot at you and shield themselves from your attacks, making them hard to hit. In each room, waves of enemies will come through portals. Each level will feature its own specific enemies to challenge you. Together, all these enemies provide a real challenge to make it through each simulation level, even the first level!

In simulations you will collect Hypercoins. With these Hypercoins, you can purchase other classes and unlock new weapon attachments. You will also find Bits. With these Bits you can purchase handy items in stores found inside the simulations like healing items, shield items, keys and weapon attachments. Weapon attachments are found throughout the whole area and in a very rare case, dropped from enemies. Health can also be found in rooms inside the simulation and dropped by your enemies but unfortunately, this is a very rare case.

You’ll start with 100 Health points and most of the time you’ll need to depend on that amount alone. Health drops are very scarce and buying a decent amount of health costs a lot of Bits while the amount of Bits that drop from enemies will not be enough to even buy a large health pack. It’s possible to fight your way through four rooms without encountering even one item like weapon attachments, Hypercoins, Bits and healing items. Honestly, the drops of items could be adjusted a little more to even out the odds of making it through a simulation. A bit of extra health would be appreciated.

Moreover, enemies inflict a lot of damage when they manage to hit you, meaning you need to keep moving and watch your step to avoid running into enemies surrounding you. Even the first level is very tough to complete as the final boss in this level isn’t so easy as well.

All weapon attachments found will stay with you until the end of the simulation. Meaning you need to start over again every time with nothing but your gun and 2 cups of coffee to throw at your enemies( yes… a cup of coffee is a weapon)

Sometimes you will encounter a small room with a treasure chest containing weapon attachments or Hypercoins. These chests can be opened with or without a key, depending on your luck. When it’s locked, you need to find a key to open it. These key can be bought with Bits at stores within the simulation or dropped by enemies but again, they don’t drop very often. These small rooms can also contain a full map of the level you’re currently in, showing you the quickest way to the level boss.


HYPERGUN is a fast-paced Roguelite shooter in which you need to get through hard simulation levels to eventually obtain the Hypergun, the gun that will save humanity. You need to keep repeating the simulations to unlock more and more attachments for your weapons while trying to stay alive within the simulation. At first it looks easy, but it definitely isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s a very challenging game that needs you to be at your best all the time or you will get killed for sure. If you like TRON-like graphics and fighting for survival against strong waves of enemies in a repeatable simulation then you should definitely try out HYPERGUN for yourself.

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HYPERGUN - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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