Hyperide – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade
Developer: Kool2Play
Publisher: Kool2Play
Platform: iOS, Android, Switch
Tested on: Switch

Hyperide – Review

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Arcade games have always been fun to play, most of them are especially entertaining when you are looking for something to quickly cure boredom. Hyperide is one of those games that you can randomly start up if you’re bored and want something quick to play. You’ll just try to survive as long as you can and collect some Pinkonium to buy even more cool looking ships. Hyperide was developed and published by Kool2Play and we got a chance to test it out!


Hyperide doesn’t have a story. You just hop into your ship and start playing. There are multiple regions and ships that you will be able to unlock but you start out at Alpha Betauri. There is a little guy at the top that tells you if you are able to purchase something, if you can’t purchase anything he will just say random things.


The graphics in Hyperide don’t look bad at all, certainly the background makes the game pretty to look at. Every different region has a different background and style of meteors, the astronauts and Pinkonium stay the same. There are also a series of different ships that you will be able to purchase. A few of them even have a nod toward the Star Trek series. Even though there aren’t that many models present, the ones that are there are nicely done. The menu looks nice but sometimes it’s a bit hard to see exactly what you have selected, unless you look really closely.


Music in Hyperide is upbeat but calming at the same time, as it has this perfect “spacey” feel to it. There is only one track for the gameplay itself, it is pretty long but the start nearly always remains the same. The main menu does have a different track, it might have been nice if each region had a different track, however, the track used is not bad.

Sound effects are well done but there are also not a lot of them in the game, mostly because Hyperide doesn’t have a lot of different mechanics. There is a bit of voice acting in the game that is really well done. astronauts will say thank you when you pick them up, in a variety of languages, which is a really nice touch.


Hyperide is an Arcade game where you pilot a ship and try to collect as much Pinkonium as you can, while dodging meteors.  There isn’t much of an explanation when you start the game, most of the gameplay you will have to figure out yourself. After a while, you will figure out that if you dodge a rock at the right time, you will get a shield for a little bit. This is called “Evasion” in the little quests that you get.

There are a few different quests that you can get; Evasion, Distance, Warp, Double, and Astronaut. Distance is the easiest to figure out, since you just have to fly a specific distance. With the Warp quest you have to go through a specific amount of wormholes and for the Astronaut quest, you just have to pick up astronauts. Double is the hardest to figure out unless you accidentally do it. You have to fly through two rocks that are vertically aligned and not too far from each other.

Pinkonium is a pink rock that is the currency in Hyperide. You will be able to get it by completing the quests as well as finding it at random while flying through a region. When you go into a wormhole, there is at least one guaranteed Pinkonium rock in there. It’s shown where exactly it will appear by an alert signal at the side of the screen. So if you’re too late to move over there, you might miss it. You can use Pinkonium to unlock different regions, ships and even two more modes. You are also able to use it to “continue” a level instead of having to completely restart the level when you crash. The only downside about the continue button is that it is automatically selected when you crash, so if you’re trying to be quick you might actually accidentally press it and waste five Pinkonium. It would be nicer to have the restart button be automatically selected instead of the continue button.

There are two different modes that you are able to unlock: Survival and Incursion. In survival you try to survive as long as you can, you can then try to beat that time. It’s also a perfect mode to do with friends so you can try to best each other’s time by handing over the controller. Incursion mode is a bit different from the regular mode and survival. Your ship will have a few blue rocks flying around it, every time one of those blue rocks touches a meteor it will cause an explosion that travels to nearby meteors. Once a blue rock has caused an explosion it will disappear. However, when you keep going, you will be able to pick up more blue rocks that are floating around. In this mode, you will also be able to get a top time that you can then, later on, try to beat.


Hyperide is a game that really wants to make you play, just so you can do better than you did before. The basics are easy to understand and once you play more you will start to understand everything there is to the game. Even if you know what you are doing it doesn’t make it that much easier to stay alive for a long time. Hyperide is definitely a game that can be a little bit addicting with you trying to beat your own score and trying to unlock more regions and ships. So if you like arcade games and spaceships then maybe you could give Hyperide a try.

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Rating: 7.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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Hyperide - Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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