HyperX Cloud Alpha – Hardware Review
Follow Genre: Headset
Developer: HyperX
Publisher: HyperX
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

HyperX Cloud Alpha – Hardware Review

Good: Price, Quality, Sturdy, Design
Bad: No 7.1 surround
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Over the years we have seen HyperX grow as a gaming peripheral company that slowly detached itself from Kingston, becoming its own unique brand. Most famously are probably their line of Cloud headsets, ranging from the normal Cloud models, to the more expensive Revolver model and the cheaper Stinger model. Now the brand has entered the market with a mid-range device, namely the Cloud Alpha and we have waited eagerly for this device so we could present you our opinion of it.


The design of the Cloud Alpha is similar to that of the normal Cloud models, which means fairly simplistic but classy. There aren’t too many whistles and bells present on the device, but the red color tones create a fun contrast. You’ll notice red stitching on the headband, red metallic pieces and the HyperX brand name on the exterior of both ear pads. The metallic pieces that serve as the attachment piece of the ear pads isn’t full like it is with the Cloud models, but it’s somewhat grated making the design a bit lighter and it also breaks the otherwise heavy red color. On the top of the headband you’ll also see the HyperX brandname, but in a glossy black print. The last prominent feature is the lengthy microphone piece with a foamy finish.


In terms of comfort, the Alpha does not yield in comparison with the Cloud II or CloudX models. You’ll have an over-ear headset at your disposal, which means your ears won’t be squished by the ample padding this model provides. Once again you can change the ear pads, but there is no extra pair that comes with the headset. This is probably due to the fact that this device is reasonably cheaper than the Cloud II or X models. You’ll have leathery ear pads, which feel very comfortable and are easy to clean with a cloth to wipe away the grime and sweat. The leather pads block out some noise, but you’ll still hear a fair bit of what is going on around you.

The inside of the headband and the components that are attached to the ear pieces are made with an aluminum finish, which could potentially add a lot of weight to the headset. Luckily, the overall weight of the device is still quite light, and it doesn’t hamper the comfort factor at all. You’ll have a sturdy piece of hardware on your head, that might not be a featherweight but doesn’t feel like a heavyweight either. You’ll notice that the device is quite comfortable thanks to the over-ear design and the ample amount of padding used in its design.


  • 50mm drivers
  • Detachable microphone
  • Detachable cable
  • Extension cord that serves as a splitter for audio and microphone


The Cloud Alpha is a plug and play device, which allows you to plug in the 3.5mm jack in your PlayStation 4 controller and Xbox One controller (Second generation only for X1) or in any other device with a 3.5mm plug (limited functionality only for said other devices). For PC users there is an extension cord that splits up the original jack into two 3.5mm jacks, one for audio and one for microphone usage. You’ll be good to go in a matter of moments. We have to mention however, that when connecting the headset to a PlayStation 4 controller, the microphone didn’t always register for use.

You’ll find a very small control box integrated in the cable, which offers you two basic features. You’ll be able to regulate the volume and mute your microphone. Other than that, there are no noticeable features provided. You can also opt to detach the microphone from the headset, if you’re just listening to audio while gaming, or if you’re just listening to your favorite music. When storing the headset, you can also detach the cable itself, allowing for easier storage.

Probably to reduce the cost of this device, HyperX decided to skip on 7.1 surround. While nowadays many pricier headsets come with 7.1 surround, the Cloud Alpha had 50mm drivers. You’ll still have fairly crisp sound and a proper gaming experience.


HyperX’s Clould Alpha is a nice alternative for the normal Cloud models when you don’t have a big budget on your side. The design is still very classy and nearly identical to that of the normal Cloud models. You’ll be treated to a sturdy piece of hardware that functions on an array of platforms, all while providing you with crystal clear sound and a perfect gaming experience. If you’re looking for a grade A device, but have a lower budget at your disposal, then the Cloud Alpha might elevate your gaming setup.

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HyperX Cloud Alpha - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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