HyperX CloudX – Hardware Review
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Developer: HyperX
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Platform: PC

HyperX CloudX – Hardware Review

Good: Comfort, Plug and Play
Bad: Foamy microphone
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As of late we’ve had the fortune of trying out some of HyperX’s products from their ever-expanding, qualitative portfolio and today we get to present you with another of their products. The CloudX is actually for the most part the same device as the Cloud II, but seeing Xbox One is often the odd one when it comes to headsets, the CloudX was specifically designed for Microsoft’s console, as well as PC usage. For us this was a pleasant revisit of the Cloud model, albeit with some subtle changes.



HyperX opted to stick to the design of the Cloud II, which was in many ways simplistic, yet stylish. The device looks good, without too many extra whistles and bells, making it great for both hardcore gamers, as well as casual gaming enthusiasts. For the most part you’ll be treated to a rather monotone black piece of hardware, with a few metallic and white finishes.

The white stitching on the headband’s sides makes the design a tad lighter and breaks the otherwise black design, safe for the metallic portion of the device. The HyperX logo is featured prominently on the top of the headband, and the HX symbols are found on both ear cups. Other than that, this device follows a fairly standard, but otherwise good looking design.

There’s only one item that could have used a bit of change, making the entire picture look even better, namely the foamy microphone. While it doesn’t look that bad, it looks a bit cheap compared to the otherwise sleek and stylish design.

HyperX CloudX 1


Overall there has been no real change in the comfort department compared to the Cloud II either, as the earpieces are still as big, which means they will enclose your entire ears, rather than squishing them. You’ll also be able to change the ear pads, depending on what you like the most, namely foam or leather (both included in the package). As expected, the leather pads will block out more of the environment noise and they can be cleaned a bit easier, as you’ll only need to wipe off the dirt.

Even though the CloudX has some metallic part, the headset’s weight is kept at a minimum, making it a lot more pleasant when having it on during longer gaming sessions. Nonetheless, the device did not substitute its sturdiness to offer you a lightweight option, it just offers something great in-between.

A fun addition to all of this is that the CloudX comes with a snug fit carry and protective case. While this might not be something extraordinary, you often tend to pay a pretty penny for something decent and now you get it ‘for free’.


  • Detachable and adjustable microphone
  • Multiplatform (Xbox One and PC)
  • 2m PC extension cable
  • Carry case
  • 53mm drivers

HyperX CloudX 2


While the device can be used for both the Xbox One, as well as PC, we’ll dive into the specifics for the console set up first, which is actually just plug and play. The headset comes with a standard 3.5mm jack, which you’ll have to insert in your controller, which means that you’ll need an elite controller, or simply a newer model of the Xbox One controller. If you don’t have one, don’t fret, you can buy a small adapter for older controllers, which allows you to plug it in as well. After that, it’s pretty much smooth sailing, but if you don’t own the adapter, you will not be able to adjust settings, as the device doesn’t have a small control box. Nonetheless, most settings will be just fine for pretty much all games.

If you wish to connect the device to your PC and also use the microphone, you’ll have to use the extension cord, which has two 3.5mm jacks, namely for stereo and microphone. Again it’s just plug and play and you’re on your way. You can also use the device without the extension piece, but then you’ll be limited to audio only.

The most important question remains if the sound quality is on par with its ‘predecessor’ and we can easily state it is practically the same. Everything is crisp and clear, and the bass isn’t too flat, which might not always be that practical for those who want to play games where you’ll have to focus on footsteps etc, but even then, you’ll still have a great piece of hardware on your side.

HyperX CloudX 3


The CloudX is pretty much a successful transition of the Cloud II to Microsoft’s console. For a very reasonable price you’ll be offered a sturdy, qualitative and good looking piece of hardware, that is also compatible for PC gaming. While this device brings nothing new to the table that wasn’t already introduced with the release of the Cloud II, it’s still a very good headset.

Those interested in this nifty device can click here for further information.

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HyperX CloudX - Hardware Review, 9.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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