I heard you like Final Fantasy

I heard you like Final Fantasy

You know Square Enix I get it Final Fantasy is big but I’m getting really worn out of all these trailers you’re releasing. I don’t need 10 trailers showcasing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, I don’t now you’re giving me trailers of Final Fantasy things in Final Fantasy.

If you were excited about Lightning making her way into Final Fantasy XIV maybe you’re excited about the reverse happening. This time you’ll be getting some FF XIV into the upcoming conclusion of the fabula nova crystallis trilogy of games. When Lightning Returns launches there will be sidequests in the game that will unlock a Miqo’te costume for the heroine, so there is one question you have to ask yourself as you go through the quests. How do you feel about cat ears and tails?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII is set to launch on the PS3 and 360 on February 11th next year.

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Craig Lynn

Craig spends most of his time playing Persona games to a ridiculous degree.

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