ICY has been released today and receives a launch trailer

ICY has been released today and receives a launch trailer

ICY is a narrative based post-apocalyptic RPG in which you’ll meet a bunch of unique characters with each their own personalities and background. Together, you’ll have to hunt, scavenge and fend off enemies in order to survive the harsh circumstances.

Players will have the opportunity to form their own story as choices will have to be made, both in dialogues as in the actions you take. You can also learn skills and improve them by earning experience points.

Caught your interest? Here’s a list of features you can expect in the game:

  • Experience an intense and mature story of survival in a unique post-apocalyptic new Ice Age setting.
  • Influence the plot with your choices, each containing various shades of morality that lead to multiple endings.
  • Lead a group of survivors, each one with different needs, values and ideals.
  • Scavenge for items and hunt for food while facing the challenges of starvation, illness, harsh elements as well as other bands of survivors.
  • Over 400 pieces of detailed hand-drawn artwork illustrate the backdrop for the story.
  • Customize your character by choosing how to distribute attribute points among 3 main character traits and 10 different skills that effects your abilities and experience through the entire game.

If you want to try out ICY for yourself, the game is already available for purchase on Steam and the Humble Store. The first week of its release, the game’s price has dropped no less than 25% so if you want to get the game, now’s the time to do so.

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