In da Hoop! – Review
Follow Genre: VR, Sports
Developer: Realcast
Publisher: Realcast
Platform: PS4, PC
Tested on: PC

In da Hoop! – Review

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Good: Playing arcade basketball in the comfort of your living room
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In the world of VR games, the inspiration for creating new and interactive games seems endless. Just like some other sports games, basketball is one of those things that can be easily translated from the real world to the virtual one. Or at least we think so. In da Hoop! tries its best to be a unique arcade basketball game that is set in a virtual arcade, but sadly the game needs a whole lot of polishing before it can be really enjoyable.


In da Hoop! is that arcade game that you purchase for some instant fun, so don’t expect a story or anything from this game. You will play through a tutorial and will complete challenge after challenge to unlock the next one, so it plays pretty linearly which can be annoying, especially when you get stuck at a certain point. The game could have used a small and witty backdrop, but it’s not that a story would have added that much value.


Visually the game is a mix between the soft ‘Oculus Home’ styled graphics and the retro vibes from the carnival games of the 80s and 90s. The main hub where you spend all your time is a large room that looks like a modern-day arcade. The game does play around with colors a bit, this is noticeable with the variety of balls you can throw, as well as the backdrops you see. When you perform well, there are small visual treats like fireworks or confetti showering you with praise.


Not only do the visuals remind of you the arcade era, but the sounds are also a blast from the past. The announcer sounds like a proper energetic announcer from the 80s, and the many additional sounds make the experience exactly like in an arcade. The setting is so spot-on that after each round you will have to fight the urge to take tickets out of the machine and want to collect a prize after your session.


In da Hoop! is a VR arcade basketball game that has a bunch of different mini-games that tests your skills to the limit. The game begins with a short tutorial on how to use your hands, allowing you to get a feel for the game. This is done by stacking dices on top of each other (because they are easy to stack). Here you notice the first big difference between this game and others. While many games rely on a grab function to manipulate objects, In da Hoop! relies more on friction-based movement and this can be a bit frustrating at times. Having both hands relying on friction might be really realistic, but those who have played basketball in their lives will know that the essence of shooting the ball lies in the thumbs, which you can’t use when holding VR controllers.

Progressing through the levels can be quite frustrating. Even though most games these days have multiple paths to choose from (which can be especially handy if you’re stuck completing a challenge) this game follows a really linear progression system where you are forced to beat a level before you unlock the next one. If you don’t succeed at first then you’ll need to keep on trying until your reach the minimum goal. This can lock out players that don’t get over the wonky controls or aren’t that athletic.

As mentioned above, manipulating the objects in the game works a bit differently than most games. The friction-based controls do work for certain aspects and are a nice touch, but for a game such as this, especially when trying to actually throw your ball, it feels a bit off. Most of the time the ball just sticks to your hands and only releases after your ideal trajectory.


In da Hoop! might be a fun concept for a VR basketball game that uses alternative controls, but it sadly fails to deliver. The visuals and sounds are really nice and are reminiscent of the 80s and 90s arcade setting, which already makes up for a lot. Even though the controls are something new and original, the developers should have either added a tutorial on how to shoot the ball properly or simply added a button press to make throwing (or releasing) easier.

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In da Hoop! – Review, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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