In Enshrouded you shape the world as you wish

In Enshrouded you shape the world as you wish

Crafting your homestead is more than just a picket fence and a rambling road, that’s why developer Keen Games has decided that in their upcoming survival, ARPG Enshrouded you get full control to do what you want. It starts by terraforming the environment to make the perfect foundation for your base, make it simple or an artistic masterpiece, the only limit is your imagination. Once your little homestead is created then continue by decorating it with over 100 props that include trophies of slain bosses. The nicer your house the better you will feel going on an adventure as these items give you a nice buff to your character.

You don’t have to take on the adventure all by yourself, the game is playable with friends in co-op and they can also help you build your dream base. Why not go underground and have an evil boss lair under a mountain, or grow a nice farm in the backyard of a fancy castle? The better your place is the more chance of NPC wanting to settle there, granting you more crafting options, quests, or even new recipes.

Enshrouded will come into Early Access through Steam on PC somewhere in 2023, the exact release date is T.B.A.

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