Infectonators: Survivors – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Toge Productions
Publisher: Toge Productions
Platforms: PC
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Infectonators: Survivors – Review

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When you think about zombies, then you can only just suppress an audible sigh. These unbeings have been milked out so badly, it’s a wonder they aren’t offered with your coffee to go. It’s not like the media in which they are the subject is stale and boring, but there really isn’t much to explore when it comes to the shambling dead. Infectonator: Survivors isn’t out to innovate or shock you with new unexplored paths in the zombie apocalypse, but it just wants you to sit back and think on how you would go about surviving.



The world has gone to hell in a handbasket and the dead are back from beyond the veil. They are out to kill everything that isn’t dead and hasn’t risen again. You are a team of individuals out to scavenge for items and kick some ass while you are at it. There are several teams available for you to play as, but the story doesn’t change. So picking a team is actually choosing your gameplay style than an actual narrative change.


Infectonators: Survivors is a pixelated indie game. The graphics are clean and clear. This benefits the player as it is clear from first glance what you can do with whatever is strewn along the battlefield. For example, objects that shine can be interacted with. When you’ve overcome a certain number of zombies, you can explore the grounds beyond. These areas often contain a certain amount of zombies so beware. Out undead fiends come in all sizes and flavours and their sizes and attires often represent their health and how difficult they are to take down.



The game isn’t all that great when looking over the audio material. There is no voice acting, which would do the game a myriad of good, but then again this would probably up the cost of the game up severely as you see which people are in the roster. The team from Left 4 Dead and even the famous Pewdiepie and his girlfriend are a part of the roster. I don’t know much about the costs, but getting those people to voice the characters probably doesn’t come cheap.

The music on the other hand is soothing and calms you when you play, it’s a slightly mystical ditty and it gives the game a mellow flavour. This isn’t a bad thing, being able to unwind while blasting some zombies to a soothing tune is always a good thing.


Infectonators: Survivors is a survival horror game with crafting mechanics. It hits every checkmark in the zombie apocalypse handbook of game design. When you start the game you have a set of turns, every turn allows you to either explore an area, loot the place and kill some zombies or camp at a safe site and lick your wounds.


The RTS elements make sure that you pay attention to what you are doing, sure you can summon the horde of undead early on and get some sweet coins, but are you sure your team is ready for it? Are you done building the turrets, stocking up their ammo and looting the place?

Controls of the game are rather straightforward. Left clicking a character selects them, if you want to select multiple characters you can left click and drag the cursor. Then you can assign them with right mouse clicks. When an object sparkles, you can tell one of the members of your team to check it out and loot it. Right clicking is also used for moving your characters around the battlefield.

When you’ve gone through the notions of looting and killing what is supposed to be dead in the first place, you can either continue exploring other places or you can make camp and heal up. Every day you have ten turns. Exploring takes up a turn and so does camping, when all turns are up, the day ends and you can choose how you want to get back, either by running or sneaking. Upon arrival at the base, you can level up your characters and assign skill points. Every characters have their strengths and weaknesses and by using the right character for the right job, you get the maximum out of them.


There is no real difficulty setting, but depending of which team you choose you can either have an easy time or a very difficult playtrough. Having a team with long ranged people makes the game really easy and it has to be said the team from Left 4 Dead might seem slightly overpowered at first glance but as you continue on they aren’t really that awesome.


Infectonators: Survivors is a zombie apocalypse horror survival game with RTS elements that isn’t out to innovate the genre, but is all about having fun. The clear colourful graphics and the gameplay go hand in hand to create an experience that will give you hours upon hours of fun. Early Access games don’t really have a positive vibe to them, but this game doesn’t deserve the flack Early Access games get. Definitely worth checking out if you are into horror survival games.

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Infectonators: Survivors - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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