InfiniTrap: Ohio Jack and The Cup Of Eternity – Review
Follow Genre: Action adventure
Developer: Shadebob Games
Publisher: Shadebob Games
Platform: PC, Mac
Tested on: PC

InfiniTrap: Ohio Jack and The Cup Of Eternity – Review

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If we think about treasury, we might overthink something like Indiana Jones. Getting in trouble, finding lost jewels whilst fighting bad guys: we all know the drill. InfiniTrap gives us the story of Ohio Jack, who is on his way to find a special cup. The question is if he will ever get there in one piece.



We’re trapped inside the adventure of Ohio Jake, an adventurer that has a thirst for everything that sparkles. A rather peculiar story has been tingling his senses. It seems that there is a treasure called ‘Cup of Eternity’ hidden in a cave somewhere which grants eternal life. Of course, he sets out to find this marvellous treasure. After searching for a while and stumbling on a rather interesting Reddit thread, he has finally found the location of the cave. Due to certain circumstances, he ends up in the lair of Culsu. This green ghost confirms that the cup is present, but it will take a bit of effort to get there. He needs to overcome several obstacles, like burning lava or … zombies?

After a while, it’s clear that there is more to it than meets the eye. The green ghost revives your character every time he dies, just for fun and giggles, while you try to get to your treasure. At the start of the cave, it seems that you will get your prize quite fast but nothing is what it seems in here.

The story is presented at the start of the game and next to some small-talk before you jump into a new level, this is the only story-related content you’ll receive. It would have been better if there were at least a bit more elements to spice things up a bit.



If you like old-school graphics, coated with some fresh new colors then this game has everything you need. InfiniTrap has gotten a nice set of elements that really fit a dark lair. The spikes look terribly painful while the acid is burning you up by even looking at it.

The animations of the several traps are quite nice and makes the game that much better. If you’re playing InfiniTrap with smaller children, you can turn of the gore so it becomes less bloody for them. More family fun, although zombies might not be such a great subject.


Each level is guided with some dark, eerie tunes that fit the setting completely. At any rate, the music isn’t that loud as the sound effects really overrule. The moaning of Ohio Jack when he gets burned or squashed by a big boulder sounds genuine and might make you giggle now and then (which is quite barbaric).


InfiniTrap is an action adventure game in which you need to jump or dive to overcome obstacles while avoiding zombies just so you can get to the end of the level and find the ‘cup’. Quite a long sentence, but it really summarizes everything the game has to offer.


When you start the game for the first time, you get an introduction from the developer of the game, stating why he made certain choices and how the game was developed. A really nice, personal touch that can only be cheered upon.

There are three difficulty levels you can choose from, each with their own particular elements. For instance, when playing on the easy level, you won’t have any time limit and you can skip certain levels. The rest will be harder of course.

Every level, when playing on normal and hard, has a countdown which you need to watch out for. This means that you can’t dawdle too long as it will mean a certain death. Due to this race against the clock, it is easier to make mistakes or lose your cool, leading to quite some rage. At any rate, expect to die a lot.

If this isn’t irritating enough, there are some obstacles you will need keep in mind. For instance, there are spiked pit areas, while other levels might have green gooey acid areas or even lava. Timed jumps are everything, while watching out for flying sawblades or darts. Some tiles are booby-trapped as well, so you need to be careful when venturing the level. Some deadly elements can be dodged by jumping or crouching, which is quite an advantage. The only problem is that the combination of both might get a tad tricky.


To increase the fun even more, you’ll might have zombies on your tail as well. These braineaters haven’t seen a decent meal in quite some time, so they’re thrilled you came along. Don’t expect a happy hug though.

When you die, the whole level is reset and you can see the remains of your corpse (if there are any). It has to be said, when you get the hang of the pattern some levels have, it is a lot easier to get to the cup in time.

It would have been nice of our good friend Ohio Jack could use some items. The only thing you can do is run around, jump or crouch, which might make the game quite dull after a while. Next to that, the game has 35 levels for you to explore and hardcore action gamers might get through quite fast. Shadebob Games did implement a feature where you can go nuts on three custom levels, although this isn’t that satisfactory.


InfiniTrap: Ohio Jack and The Cup Of Eternity will definitely trap you for a certain time, but it might be not that satisfactory as expected. You only have a new options to exploit and the narrative isn’t that extensive. The graphics and sound are a great match though and you’ll be hearing Ohio Jack moan more than once. If you have some spare time on your hands, this game will serve its purpose.


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